6 Ways to Create a Hamptons Style Home


The Hamptons are known to exude luxurious tropical life with beautiful beaches, extravagant homes, glitzy cocktail parties, and crisp style.

While nothing compares to lounging by the beachside, this sense of incomparable extravagance can be brought to your home’s interior design as well.

By delicately balancing light and shade, using natural flooring and walls for an airy feel, and employing sophisticated furniture, you may bring the sensations of island living into your everyday life.

Let’s hop into detail on how to bring the distinct Hamptons style into your home.

1) Use Larger Furniture Pieces

The Hamptons are famous for hosting luxurious parties with an air of glitz and glamor. To make room for the party of people, the room generally needs to be big as well, necessitating larger pieces of furniture to fill it.

Large bookcases, coffee tables, and sofas set the scene for a fun and welcome atmosphere that’s ready for enjoyment and socializing.

Many designers can also produce bespoke furniture such as custom sofas to complement your decor, giving you the option to influence the design of your furnishings by choosing colors and patterns that go well together.

2) Add Plenty of Lighting for A Clean, Whimsical Appearance

Big windows and French doors in the living room allow air and light to flow through from the outside, providing you with plenty of summer daylight throughout the day.

If you don’t have the time or resources to renovate the doors and windows in your home, you may instead pick furniture that uses a lot of bright colors. By using brighter colors and white furnishings, you may create a more open atmosphere that still stays true to the distinct Hamptons feel.

Accent lighting may also be used to create illusory images of light in your house if it’s surrounded by trees. Think of table lamps, pendant lighting, and chandeliers as welcome additions to bring a bit of brightness into your kitchen and living room quarters.

3) Use Light, Breezy Fabrics

To recreate a Hamptons’ themed home, you should minimize the use of bold, imposing colors as much as possible. Neutral colors are best.

As such, in order to create that sense of island living in your home’s interior design, you’ll want to try using light fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk on furniture and walls.

For instance, luxury throw blankets, white pillows, and bedspreads bring a sense of warmth and comfort to your bedroom. Light and light-colored neutral wallpapers and curtains throughout your home can also keep the space feel natural and airy.

The combination of these materials and textiles creates an airy, carefree feel that is open to easy, summer-style living.

4) Apply Marble Interior Accents

Another element of the Hamptons style is its obsession with all things marble. This is because marble may be molded into almost any form that the carver desires.

It can be used for simple accents like knick knacks, or it could even cover an entire wall in the living room to give off a luxurious impression.

Marble’s ability to take on different colors also allows you to choose exactly what color would fit your aesthetic. From sleek black marble to white speckled stone, marble is a versatile accent that can give your home a sleek and mature look.

In the household, you can see marble in the kitchen counter and the sink. You can also use marble countertops for your bathroom sink and shower stall for an extra touch of glamour.

5) Recreate A Rustic and Natural Exterior

The Hamptons’ lavish lifestyle isn’t only seen within the four corners of the house; it spreads far and wide, sprawling past the lawn and landscape surrounding it.

If you’re looking to replicate a Hamptons’ style exterior, consider employing warm and natural tones in your outdoor area.

For instance, think about using neutral-colored wood paneling on your exterior walls, siding, and decks. Moreover, you may also consider using wooden railings on the banisters of your staircases or porches.

Plants are also essential touches to flesh out a beautiful garden. Consider obtaining potted flowers and grasses, as well as hedges, to pair with your walls’ neutral tone. This way, you give your outdoor space a sense of life and color that’s gently balanced with a neutral style.

6) Add Chic Outdoor Furniture

The final element that contributes to the Hamptons’ style is the presence of luxurious seating and furnishing in your outdoor space. For instance, you may install pergolas with sheer curtains that can be drawn when relaxing out on a sunny day.

If you wish to bring a more polished feel into these aesthetics, driftwood furniture pieces with white cushions contribute to the overall bright atmosphere found in the summer season.

As a final tip, consider including outdoor fireplaces to make your space feel cozy during the cooler nights. Not only does this provide warmth and ambiance on chilly evenings, but it also acts as a gathering place for guests, which is no less important than any other element of the Hamptons style.