Did You Know That You Can Freeze Milk?

source: A Modern Homestead

I feel like my family has a very hard time predicting how much milk we’re going to consume in any given week. Sometimes I buy what I think is enough milk, and it’s gone in two days. When I buy more milk, it generally doesn’t get consumed before its expiration date. Thankfully, it’s possible to freeze milk – who knew?!

My Heavenly Recipes shared a few tips for safely freezing milk that comes in those plastic, gallon containers. If you have a full gallon, you’ll need to pour about one cup out. Milk will expand when it freezes, and if you don’t pour some out, you’ll be left with a frozen milk explosion in your freezer.

source: The Finer Things In Life

Next, you can either freeze the entire jug, or pour the milk into an ice cube tray if you plan to use smaller amounts in recipes. Be sure to only ever freeze milk that comes in plastic jugs – glass containers can crack when exposed to drastic temperatures.

source: Happy Money Saver

You can safely consume milk that’s been frozen for up to three months. When you want to thaw the milk, leave it in the fridge for 24 hours. If you need to thaw it more quickly, submerge the container in a sink full of cold water. Your milk will be thawed in about 30 minutes.

source: Food Network | istock

And that’s it! I formerly had no clue that you could freeze milk, but now I certainly will to avoid wasting it in the future. The more you know, I guess!