Police Are Urging Drivers To Wrap Their Keys In Tinfoil

source: Detroit Free Press

These days, new cars are pretty technologically advanced. There are multiple screens, countless gadgets and features, and most of the time, a keyless entry system. This keyless entry system often translates to no key at all, with drivers simply having to hold their key fob and press a button to start the engine. Although this is super convenient, police and security experts are warning drivers of cars like this to watch out for the recent upsurge in new vehicle thefts.

source: abc news

A relatively new signal hijacking scam referred to as “relay theft” means that thieves are now using radio devices to read car keys from outside your home or workplace. Devices called relay boxes (which are available on sites like eBay and Amazon) allow thieves to pick up the signal from a keyless fob inside the car owner’s home, extend this signal to the vehicle, and subsequently start it.

source: USA Today / Photo: National Insurance Crime Bureau

Although this new scam is pretty terrifying, especially considering how many people drive cars with keyless fobs, there is one simple thing you can do to protect your vehicle. According to ex-FBI agent and current CEO of Global Security IQ, Holly Hubert, tinfoil is actually the secret to preventing these thefts. By wrapping a piece of tinfoil around your key fob, the metal blocks electromagnetic signals. This prevents would-be thieves from picking up the signal and thus, entering the car.

source: Clark

You can also buy something called a Faraday bag, which similarly works by blocking signals between the car and the key fob. However, tinfoil seems to work pretty well, and it’s definitely the cheaper option. Be sure to share this pertinent information with your friends and family members who drive vehicles with keyless fobs — because nothing ruins your day quite like a stolen vehicle!