How To Clean Hard Water Stains From A Sink Or Faucet

Credit: Crouton Crackerjacks

Unless your home has a water softener, you likely notice that your sinks and faucets get covered in hard water stains in between cleanings. These stains can be very difficult to remove, and they make stainless and chrome fixtures look old and filthy. Thankfully, there is a very simple method for getting rid of those pesky hard water stains.

Big thanks to YouTuber Crouton Crackerjacks for showing us this quick and easy hack!

You will need:

Distilled vinegar

An old cloth or rag

A green and yellow sponge

All you have to do is soak the cloth or rag in vinegar, then wrap or lay the rag on the hard water marks for about an hour. After the time is up, remove the rag and use the sponge to gently scrub at the spots. You may have to repeat this step with very old or stubborn water stains.

And that’s it! Your sinks and faucets will be looking new again in no time. This method also works for water stains on porcelain sinks and tile.

Watch the full tutorial.