4 Unexpected Places That Bed Bugs Like To Hide

source: innovationtoronto.com

Bed bugs are the absolute worst. These annoying pests make their way into your home, bite you when you sleep, and are so difficult to get rid of. Although bed bugs got their name because they’re commonly found in people’s beds, they can actually reside in some other unexpected places as well. Know where bed bugs like to hide, and you’ll be better equipped to avoid bringing them home!

1. Suitcases

source: People

One of the most common ways bed bugs make their way into people’s home is through suitcases. Because hotels and resorts see so many people come and go, bed bugs could just be waiting there, ready to climb into your suitcase and go home with you. After every time you travel, empty your bags outside, immediately put your clothes into the washing machine, and carefully inspect your suitcase for any evidence of bed bugs.

2. Secondhand Furniture

source: HomeArena

When you’re buying furniture off someone, you can never be sure that they don’t have bed bugs in their home. Be weary of buying used furniture, whether it’s from a person or from a store. You just never know what could be lurking under those seat cushions!

3. Airplanes

For similar reasons as with suitcases, airplanes are great temporary habitats for bed bugs. They climb aboard luggage and can easily jump onto yours (or your seat) while on an airplane. Always ensure your luggage is firmly sealed, and check your seat thoroughly before you sit down.

4. Libraries And Secondhand Book Stores

source: The Beaverton / Flickr

You may not expect this, but bed bugs love to hide in the dark corners of library shelves and in between the pages of a book (especially in used book stores!). If you buy used books or take out books from the library, be sure to check the book throughly before bringing it into your home.