Listen Up, Gardeners – Don’t Throw Away Coffee Grounds And Eggshells!

source: Garden Season | shutterstock

If you have a garden at home, start saving those used coffee grounds and eggshells! These two natural products contain multiple properties and minerals that are extremely beneficial to plant growth. Here are six great reasons to save your coffee grounds and eggshells to enjoy healthy, happy plants.

1. Natural Fertilizer

source: GrowVeg

Eggshells contain calcium, and calcium is very important for growing strong, healthy plants. Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, which is also important for plant growth. Sprinkle eggshells and coffee grounds in holes before planting or around the base of your plants as a natural fertilizer.

2. Deter Pests

source: Gardener’s Path

Slugs and other pests don’t like slithering over broken eggshells, making them a great natural pest deterrent!

3. Beautiful Hanging Baskets

source: Inspired by Charm

Sprinkle a few spoonfuls of coffee grounds into your hanging baskets every couple of weeks as a little boost! You’ll have big, beautiful hanging baskets all season long.

4. Prevent Weeds

source: Gardenista

Similar to mulch, a layer of broken eggshells will prevent weeds from growing in your garden. Best to start saving your eggshells now!

5. Seed Starters

source: Garden Season

Large eggshell remnants make for perfect seed starters. You’ll want to sterilize the shells first, then poke a small hole in the bottom of the shell for drainage. Fill the shell with your soil and seeds, and when they start growing, you can plant the whole shell right in the garden!

6. Compost Boost

source: Ground to Ground

If you’ve run out of uses for your eggshells and coffee grounds, dump them into your compost bin! They’ll make for an excellent compost boost, helping break down other material for nutrient-rich compost you can use in the garden.

Now that you know these excellent tips for gardening with eggshells and coffee grounds, I’m willing to bet you’ll start saving them in a container starting now to use for the upcoming season!