Don’t Toss Those Egg Shells! Here’s How To Reuse Them

source: The Prairie Homestead

My family goes through a lot of eggs, and as a result, we end up with a lot of egg shells. While you may unthinkingly toss them in the garbage (or hopefully the compost bin instead!), it would actually serve you well to keep those egg shells. There are so many benefits of egg shells, specifically when it comes to the health of your garden. And so, here are 7 ways to reuse those egg shells!

1. Veggie Fertilizer

source: Tomato Bible | shutterstock

Sprinkle some crushed egg shells at the base of your pepper, eggplant, and tomato plants. The egg shells contain calcium, which is a natural fertilizer and can help prevent rot in these types of vegetables.

2. Balance pH levels

source: The Old Farmer’s Almanac/Pixabay

Many varieties of plants, including hydrangeas, gardenias, azaleas, and blueberry bushes, prefer soil with lower pH levels. If you have soil that is slightly too acidic, adding in some crushed egg shells can help.

3. Deter Slugs

source: Organic Authority

To prevent slugs from eating your plants, sprinkle egg shells around them. Slugs don’t like slithering over the hard shells, causing them to reroute themselves away from your garden.

4. Compost Booster

source: Gardening Know How | iStock/Eva-Foreman

Because of the many nutrients they contain, egg shells are a great addition to your compost. Although you can crush them by hand, it’s more effective to blend or grind them up before adding them to your compost.

5. Attract Birds

source: Landscape Ontario via Rodney Campbell

The circle of life can also be beneficial to your garden! Sprinkling egg shells in your garden will attract birds which will in turn eat the pests that threaten to destroy your plants.

6. Deter Deer

source: Country Living via Getty Images

If you live somewhere slightly rural, you may find that deer are constantly munching on your plants. To deter deer from eating your garden, spread around some egg shells in the soil – deer do not like the smell, and will be more likely to stay away.

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Now that you know these tips, I hope you’ll think twice about throwing out your valuable egg shells. Trust me, your garden will thank you!