10 Ways To Use Irish Spring Soap That Have Nothing To Do With Lathering Up

source: Two Men and a Little Farm / Gardening in a Drought

Irish Spring Soap is easily one of the most recognizable soaps out there. Between the bright green color and extremely distinct smell, there’s definitely no mistaking Irish Spring Soap for another brand. Although you probably only associate this soap with showering, there are actually a ton of other ways to use Irish Spring Soap around the house. Who knew?!

1. Patch Small Holes

This may sound very strange, but bear with me. If you gently rub a bar of Irish Spring Soap over a small hole, the soap will act like a sort of caulking. Then, all you have to do is dab some paint over it!

2. Soothe Bug Bites

Have an itchy bug bite that you can’t stop scratching? Rub some wet Irish Spring Soap onto the area, then let it dry. Once dry, the bite will stop being itchy.

3. Eliminate Stinky Shoes

Simply cut up a bar of Irish Spring Soap into pieces, then place the pieces in your shoes overnight. In the morning, they will be deodorized and smelling fresh.

4. Deter Deer

If your garden is being eaten by deer, just stock up on some Irish Spring Soap. Deer absolutely detest the smell, so they’ll be sure to steer clear. Click here for the full tutorial.

5. Repel Pests

Deer aren’t the only things that Irish Spring Soap keeps away. If you grate the soap and sprinkle the shavings in your garden, other pests (like bugs, squirrels, etc.) will stay away as well.

6. Unstick A Zipper

If you’re wrestling with a stuck zipper, just rub some Irish Spring Soap along the zipper’s teeth. The soap will help the zipper to unjam and glide more easily.

7. Deodorize The Laundry Hamper

source: Shutterstock

When the laundry starts piling up, the laundry hamper tends to become a bit smelly. Simply place a bar of Irish Spring Soap at the bottom of the hamper to keep stinky laundry smells at bay.

8. DIY Car Air Freshener

To make your car smell clean and fresh, place a bar of Irish Spring Soap inside a Ziploc bag, then place the bag under a seat in your car. This is an effective and cheap way of making your car smell nice.

9. Deodorize Suitcases

Suitcases tend to trap smells very quickly, especially when you’re traveling. To keep your belongings and your suitcase smelling fresh, place a bar of Irish Spring Soap in one of the inside compartments.

10. Unsticks Doors

If a door in your house keeps getting stuck in its frame, rub down the edge of the door, the frame, and the hinges with Irish Spring Soap. The soap will help to keep it opening and closing properly.