How To Make Homemade Banana Peel Fertilizer for Your Garden


Sandi Ezell Blackmer has gone viral in the Creative Gardening group with a simple and inexpensive fertilizer hack.

Sandi shared her amazing bazil and herb garden photo and explained how she feeds them with banana peel water.

via: Sandi Ezell Blackmer

Take 2 banana peels and soak overnight in a gallon of water. Water your plants with the banana peel water. It’s full of potassium and more. You can use it on veggies, flowers, herbs. Does not need to be refrigerated.
Keep a jug going all the time and keep adding water as you use it up. You can also throw in peels as you eat them.

The peels turn brown and you can discard them after you’ve added more peels. It’s a great organic fertilizer. This is good on veggies, herbs, flowers, and tomatoes.
“My spearmint plant is huge as well and so is my dill is waist-high. I have tons of green cherry tomatoes and beautiful green peppers.” – says she.