Know Your Bees! Here’s A Comprehensive Guide To ‘Yellow Stripey Things’

There are so many different types of bees out there. Some of them are relatively harmless, while others have me screaming, jumping, and running for my life. Additionally, many of them look the same but are actually different species. If you’ve ever wondered which bees you should smile and wave at, and which ones you should be careful not to anger, check out this comprehensive guide to “yellow stripey things.”

According to this chart, we don’t need to be afraid of carpenter bees, honeybees, bumblebees, or hoverflies. However, we should tread lightly when it comes to paper wasps, yellow jackets, cicada killers, and dirt daubers. I don’t know about you, but this bee chart gave me a good laugh. Click here if something does sting you, and you aren’t sure which insect is to blame.

Thanks to Jason Kottke of for sharing this hilarious (but also somewhat helpful) guide! I’ll be sure to gently pet a bumblebee (aka a flying panda) the next time I see one.