How To Make Homemade Apple Pie Moonshine

source: Wide Open Spaces

You’re probably familiar with making lots of different food recipes, but have you ever tried making a drink one? Fall is the perfect time of year to sit in front of the fire with an apple-infused alcoholic beverage. If we’ve got your attention, you’re going to want to make this recipe for homemade apple pie moonshine from Brad at Wide Open Spaces.

source: Boston BarHopper

To make homemade apple pie moonshine, you will need:

1 750-milliliter bottle of 190-proof Everclear (or high-proof vodka, if that’s all you can get)

About 1 cup of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum (two cups tastes pretty good also… just saying)

1 gallon of apple cider

1 quart of apple juice

3 cups of brown sugar

1 cup of white sugar

10 cinnamon sticks

1 large stock pot

6 mason jars (quart-sized)


Step 1: Combine the cinnamon sticks, apple cider, and apple juice in the large stock pot. Bring it all to a mild simmer and add in the sugars.

Step 2: Continue to stir slowly for about 5 to 10 minutes until all of the sugar is dissolved. At that point, turn the heat off and allow the apple cider mixture to cool down to room temperature.

Step 3: Allow it several hours to reach a lower temperature. If you add in the alcohol too soon, the higher temperature will evaporate some of the alcohol content.

Step 4: Once the mixture is at room temperature, stir in the Everclear and one to two cups of rum.

Step 5: At that point, you are ready to jar the apple pie moonshine in the mason jars. Don’t be afraid to put a cinnamon stick in the jars either.

As the apple pie moonshine ages, the cinnamon and sugar blends out the alcohol taste to an almost undetectable level. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!