Why You Should Keep Fruit In Mason Jars Instead Of The Containers They Come In

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I love having fresh fruit in the house, but the problem is that by the time I get home from the grocery store, it seems like the fruit has already started to spoil.Fortunately, there’s a fantastic hack for storing fruit that will help keep it fresher for way longer – and it involves mason jars.

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Initial Steps for Freshness

When you get your fruit home from the grocery store, remove it from the plastic and prepare your cleaning solution. Next, clean out your sink and fill it with water (you could also use a large bowl). Then, toss in a few tablespoons of distilled vinegar. You’ll then want to submerge your fruit in the water and let it soak for about 10 to 15 minutes. This practice is backed by research showing that vinegar can reduce bacteria and mold on produce. Specifically, a 2015 study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health highlights vinegar’s effectiveness in extending the freshness of fruits like apples and strawberries. Thanks to its acetic acid content, vinegar inhibits mold growth, ensuring your fruit stays fresh longer. For a practical guide on this, check out the advice from The Daily Meal.

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Drying and Storing

Once the fruit has had a nice soak, remove it from the vinegar solution, transfer it to a strainer, and rinse it with cool water. Leave the fruit out to dry on a tea towel or paper towel. Once dry, this is when the magic happens: transfer the fruit to mason jars and seal up those lids. Storing fruit in mason jars is not only an organized approach; it also creates an airtight environment that can significantly extend the shelf life of your fruit. This method is particularly effective for berries and other fruits prone to mold and bacteria buildup.

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The Benefits of Mason Jars

And that’s it! Incorporating these few extra steps into preparing and storing fruit can help you eliminate food waste, save money, and keep your fridge stocked with fresh produce for much longer. I’m due to grocery shop on Sunday, and I will definitely be prepping and storing our fruit according to this method!

Why store fruit in mason jars?

But why exactly should you consider storing fruit in mason jars? These containers aren’t just for aesthetics; they offer several practical benefits. Mason jars are affordable, stackable for efficient storage, and easy to clean – making them a superior choice for maintaining the freshness of your fruits longer than conventional storage methods.

Labels and Organization

Nothing bothers me more than not finding the jars I need! Since I have relabeled my jars, that problem has vanished!

Using custom diecut stickers and labels, your mason jars remain correctly labeled through numerous washes, enhancing their functionality in your daily fruit storage routine. These clear glass containers don’t absorb odors and prevent contamination, which is essential for keeping your fruit fresh. Add these labels to your mason jars for a personalized, functional touch on your next canning or fruit-storing day.

Wrapping It Up: Keep It Fresh and Simple

So here’s the lowdown: Storing fruit in mason jars is not rocket science, but it’s a game-changer for sure. Just rinse, dry, and pop your fruit into those jars to keep things fresh and tasty. It’s a chill, easy way to enjoy your fruits without having to gulp them down in a hurry before they go bad. Why not give this approach a whirl the next time you haul fruit back home? Trust me, it’s going to make a world of difference. Here’s to enjoying zesty, fresh fruit for much longer!