Why Microcement is Always Used for DIY Home Renovations


Have you ever considered using microcement for home renovation? It’s an amazing material for home remodeling that leaves a lasting impression.

Microcement is a slight covering that comprises cement and several polymers. Today, microcement is becoming a significant trend in both exterior and interior home decoration. It’s now being used by people to re-do walls, floors, as well as on custom furniture. This material is easy on the eye, comes in different colors, and is also very tough. 

6 Reasons Why Microcement a Perfect DIY Home Renovation

Microcement is an ideal choice for different do-it-yourself home fixes. Do you need appropriate material for remodeling your rooms? Below are six reasons why microcement will do an amazing job.

Easy to use


As a do-it-yourself material, you will find it easy working with microcement, especially if you love crafts. It doesn’t need any exceptional abilities or tools. You can also get ready-to-mix microcement material to work with.  

Nonetheless, for large surface regions, it is ideal to seek the assistance of an expert. Because the material solidifies quickly, it requires at least one person to set up a batch and one person to apply it.

Durability and cohesiveness

Become of its resistance and toughness, microcement is a good choice for home remodeling. It is crack-free when appropriately applied, and it’s waterproof.

This material gives a consistent and strong look to the space it’s applied. There are no joints and thus, spaces gain specific nonstop ease. When completed, it looks like a canvas. 

Perfect rendering material

Microcement is a great delivering apparatus material for designers and people who are addicted to designs. It can change pretty much any surface with its exceptional finish. The actual finishing is truly remarkable. These exceptional results depend on the artistic abilities of the specialist who applies them. 

Great for all spaces (indoor and outdoor)

This brilliant renovating material is perfect for your porches, patios, and rooms. And yes, it will surely bring the presence of your home’s walls and floors to life. Microcement works on the appearance of your space as well as offers it a cutting-edge touch. Furthermore, you can utilize it to modify your furnishings.

Cost-effectiveness (include the cost of labor) 

Most do-it-yourself home remodeling methods cost a lot of money. If you are on a budget, using the microcement will save you more money. Talking about labor costs, there are some ready-to-mix microcement in the market. These products are easy to apply, without the help of a professional. It can be used on any surface. 

Endures increased temperatures and humidity

This material is very perfect for remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. Microcement deters the development of mold, an ideal option for tiles on your restroom walls and floors. Its durability and strength manage heat from the kitchens and other activities therein.


Several materials make remodeling your home easy (on a DIY level). While some are complex to apply, some are simple. Microcement not only gives you room or kitchen more appeal, but it’s also cost-effective. If you seek durability, microcement is a great choice. Visit www.smartcret.com to learn more.