Traditional Cornish Beef Pasties Recipe


Cornish Beef Pasties are a traditional savory pastry that originated in Cornwall, England. These pastries have been around for centuries and were originally made by miners as a convenient and portable meal to take with them to work.

The pasty is essentially a folded pastry filled with a hearty meat and vegetable filling, which makes it a great choice for a filling and satisfying meal. It’s no wonder that Cornish Beef Pasties have become so popular all over the world, with variations and adaptations being made in many countries.

The origin of the Cornish Beef Pasty can be traced back to the 18th century when miners needed a portable and convenient meal to take with them into the mines. These pasties were made with a flaky crust that was filled with meat, potatoes, and vegetables, and were often eaten at room temperature.

Today, the Cornish Beef Pasty is still a popular snack and meal, and there are many variations of the recipe available. However, the authentic recipe remains the same, with beef, onions, potatoes, and swede (rutabaga) being the primary ingredients.

To make authentic Cornish Beef Pasties, you need to follow a few key steps. The first step is to prepare the flaky pastry dough. The dough should be made with flour, butter, and water, and then rolled out and cut into circles.

Next, you need to prepare the filling. The traditional filling includes beef, onions, potatoes, and swede (rutabaga). The meat and vegetables should be diced into small pieces and mixed together.

Once the filling is ready, it’s time to assemble the pasties. Spoon the filling onto one half of each pastry circle and then fold the other half over the filling to create a pocket. Pinch the edges of the pastry together to seal the filling inside.

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Before baking the pasties, you can brush the tops with an egg wash to give them a shiny and golden finish. Then, bake the pasties in a hot oven until they are golden brown and crispy.

Cornish Beef Pasties can be served hot or cold and make a great packed lunch or picnic food. They can be served with a side salad or vegetables to make a complete meal.

If you want to make your own authentic Cornish Beef Pasties, you can find the full recipe on This recipe provides detailed instructions on how to prepare the pastry dough, and filling, and how to assemble and bake the pasties.

When it comes to serving Cornish Beef Pasties, they can be eaten hot or cold, making them a great choice for a packed lunch or picnic. You can also serve them with a side salad or vegetables for a more complete meal.

Cornish Beef Pasties are delicious and hearty pastries that have been enjoyed for centuries. By following the traditional recipe and techniques, you can make your own authentic pastries that are perfect for any occasion. Don’t forget to check out the full recipe on to make your own Cornish Beef Pasties at home.