These 6 Signs Are Telling You It’s Time To Call An Electrician


Six signs could be clues for you to contact your electrician. Did you notice the light switch is loose or flickering? Noticed water dripping from your ceiling? See anything unusual outside? Your home may not need an electrician, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

1. Your Lights are Flickering

Flickering lights could be a sign your home needs an electrician. It may just need to be fixed, but it could also mean that the wiring in your house is damaged or corroded. This can happen because of deteriorated insulation or worn-out sockets. Issues accompanied by flickering lights include hot spots, buzzing sounds, and the occasional burning smell. The professionals at provide what repairs are needed for each specific problem and that’s what you need to check whenever a problem occurs in your house. An electrician can solve this problem by working on your electrical system’s insulation as well as inspecting the wiring for any damage.

2. You Notice Water Droplets on the Ceiling

If you notice water droplets on the ceiling, you may have a leaky roof! Don’t wait until damage has been done, call an electrician right away! Roof leaks are dangerous and can cause serious problems for not only your ceilings but also for your foundation electrical wiring system. Call an electrician immediately if you notice water droplets on the ceiling or even just damp spots that won’t dry up. Another cause for water droplets could be a burst pipe or even a clog in the drain.

An electrician can help you understand what’s causing the leak and they can guide you on how best to prevent danger to your home wiring system. They will be able to tell you whether it would be most appropriate for them to come out or if you can do it yourself. If there is visible damage, they may recommend that the problem be handled by professionals so as not to risk further damage within your home. 

3. You Notice Odd Noises Outside

If you notice odd noises outside, there may be an animal living in your attic! But more than likely, this means you need to contact an electrician. Be careful because animals can cause damage not only by chewing through wiring but they can also build nests near electrical equipment and cause serious fires! If you suspect animals are causing damage, go outside to inspect. Note that even if there is no animal activity, it’s still important to contact an electrician because of the damage they can cause.

Humans, especially young ones, are curious creatures. Sometimes when children are playing outside their homes, they might go up to your attic and throw things around in there – who knows why! This means you should count yourself lucky if nothing was damaged but better safe than sorry! Children often don’t think before acting, which could result in them accidentally pulling down wires or throwing small objects into electrical outlets while playing around. If you suspect someone has been up to your attic do not enter the space until an electrician has checked it out.

4. Noticed Unusual Odors

Odors around your home could be a sign of danger. If you start smelling burning insulation or plastic it may mean that there is excessive heat building up somewhere which could be a fire hazard. However,  if you start smelling an unusual odor, it could be a sign that there is a problem with your wiring somewhere. It may only need to be fixed, but it’s better to be sure that there is no greater underlying issue. 

5. Your Home Has Been Flooded

If your home has been flooded, that could lead to problems with the electrical wiring. Not only does water seep into the electrical outlets themselves, but it can also damage wires and insulation as well as corrode your circuit breakers. If you have experienced flooding at your home call an electrician right away so they can check for damage and make sure nothing is dangerous!

6. You Notice Wiring Near Outlets Is Damaged or Corroded

Wiring near faulty outlets could pose a danger to not only yourself but others around you as. If wiring is worn down or damaged it could lead to shorts, sparks, or even fires. Loose wiring also poses a danger as well as loose connections. This is not only dangerous but it could also be expensive to fix! 

If you notice any of these six signs or even more, call an electrician right away, and don’t hesitate to contact one if you notice damage on your wiring system outside of your home, like downed power lines. If you react on time, you will save a lot of money in the future!