Special ways to treat your dad this Father’s Day


Father’s Day is a great excuse to show our dads how much they mean to us. This year might be particularly special for many who weren’t able to celebrate the big day together in 2020. It can be hard to think of something to buy that shows them how important they are in your lives, so maybe this is the year to think a little differently to the usual gift and card. 

Serve up his favourite food

And make an event of it. It might be that you take him out on a picnic to a spot he likes, where you bring his favourite cheese, bread, beer, pie, coffee, chocolate pudding… the works. Or perhaps you could cook him a three-course meal incorporating all the tastes he adores. He’ll feel very touched that you thought about his gift, and will undoubtedly love the food too.

Join him for his favourite hobby

This doesn’t mean you have to join in, but just be there while he enjoys it. He’ll relish the best of both worlds – having the opportunity to partake in his passion while spending time with you. If he loves fishing, there’s no better activity to just sit next to each other chatting all day. If golf is his thing, become his caddy for the day (he might appreciate not having to lug the clubs around).

Beer or wine tasting

Does your dad enjoy a tipple? Head to a specialist shop and pick up a range he enjoys (i.e. if his favourite wine is sauvignon blanc, or he likes craft beer, select a few of these), then together you can enjoy a tasting session where you’ll have a giggle and might just discover a new favourite beverage.

Take a mini-break

This could be a camping trip or a small cottage by the sea. Whatever style of trip you choose, it’ll give you the chance to spend extended quality time together. You might discover a fab new place, and it could bring you closer together than you’ve ever been.

Compile a memory book

Nothing is more likely to bring a tear to your dad’s eye (or your eye, for that matter) than a book you’ve compiled yourself, featuring stories, comments and pictures from your lives together. It’ll be something he cherishes and looks at again and again… and again!

Take him on an ancestral location tour

This will take a bit of research, but by looking at your family tree, you can visit the places your ancestors came from, and even go and see your father’s (and your own) childhood home. It’ll be an exciting project because you won’t know where it’ll take you until you start researching. You might find yourself on the road to Penzance or on the London to Hartlepool train. But it’ll be an adventure that’s special to you both.

Whatever you get your dad for Father’s Day, don’t forget he’ll love it simply for the effort you’ve gone to and because you’re thinking about him. And time spent with you might be the best gift you can give.