Roborock or Shark: which robot vacuum is better for home cleaning?

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Almost all housekeepers know the secret of how to forget regular sweeping at home. The solution is simple – it is a robot vacuum cleaner. This round-shape small device autonomously cleans all types of floors, and some can even mop. 

As a miniature version of canister vacuum cleaners, robots are equipped with the same parts: a dustbin, a filter, several rotating plastic brushes, an electric motor, and a battery. Mopping robotic cleaners also have a plastic canister for filling water. Their docking station should be connected to the electricity; robots automatically go there for a battery recharging that takes 4-6 hours. 

These cleaners are easy to maintain:

  1. You need to clean a dustbin and a filter after every cleaning, or if a docking station is equipped with an autonomous emptying function, the frequency is significantly less.
  2. To change batteries after 400 recharging cycles.
  3. You need to replace brushes once a year.

The Brand determines the maintenance expenses, and some interchangeable parts are already included in the standard package.

But how can you choose the best model for home cleaning? There are many brands with similar models and compared prices on the market. The best reviews have Roborock and Shark models. Below is a comparison of their robot vacuum cleaners.

Roborock Brand

According to Forbes magazine, Roborock vacuum cleaners in 2020 were one of the best vacuum cleaners in the world. This is a significant achievement for a young Chinese Company founded in 2014 and specializes in vacuum cleaners. They produce eight series of robotic models, several docking stations for them, and two models of compact canister vacuum cleaners. 

The latest seventh series represents powerful and smart devices that definitely deserve to help you in home cleaning. For today’s comparison between the two brands, the hottest model – Robrock S7+, combines ultrasonic mopping with effective dry vacuuming. There are other exciting models also presented in Roborock S7 Serial.

Shark Brand

Shark is one of the seven Brands that SharkNinja Operating LLC develops. The first office was opened in Canada. The Company produces Brand Shark mops and six types of vacuum cleaners: upright, cordless, robot, corded stick, handheld, and canister. Their robots can clean all sizes of homes – from tiny studios to multi-store houses.

Some robots and Roborock’s robots are equipped with a wet mopping function for hard floors; meanwhile, dry vacuuming only is available for carpets. Their bestseller Shark AI VACMOP RV2001WD Model has great reviews and will be considered for comparison. Shark has a smart docking station that can be purchased separately from a robot cleaner.

Roborock or Shark robot vacuum cleaners – which one is better?

The main advantage of modern robotic cleaners for home cleaning is that they can do two functions – dry and wet cleaning. There are a lot of microparticles of dust, long and short pet hair, garbage, and other complicated tasks at home. That is why the main comparison characteristics were based on suction power, ability to work autonomously for a long time, type of brushes, and overall maintenance for robots.

Roborock S7+Shark RV2001WD
Suction power2500 Pa – HyperForce technology22 CFM – Powerful suction technology
Working time180 min120 min
FilterAnti-allergic non-washable, capturing 99.99% of particles up to 0.3 micronsAnti-allergic non-washable, capturing 99.97% of particles up to 0.3 microns
BrushesMain floating rubber brush and one-side plastic brushMain Silicone Self-cleaning Brush roll (flexible fins) and set of plastic Side Brushers
Cleaning of pet hairYesYes
Mopping abilityYes, ultrasonic with scrubbing vibration up to 3000 times per minute is combined with dry cleaning and carpet recognitionYes, two separate modes for sonic mopping and dry vacuuming / 100 scrubs per minute / no carpet recognition, only defined as non-mopping areas in an application
Water tank capacity300 mlNo data
Dustbin capacity470 ml255 ml
Auto-emptying function on a docking stationYes, 6 weeks of storageYes, 30 days of storage with a particular docking station (not in a package)
NavigationLiDAR Sensors with automatic room recognition / can clean at nightLaser IQ navigation with LiDar sensors with 360oC home mapping / night cleaning
SchedulingAbility to set multiple schedules for different days and suction levels.Ability to schedule the cleaning
ControlSmartphone application & voice controlSmartphone application & voice control 
Noise level67 dB63 dB
Additional featureRising mobility for cleaning carpets in the single cleaning procedureThe robot can avoid obstacles from 4 inches   / 1 set of additional side plastic brushes

As we can see from the comparison, both Brands produce robots with similar characteristics. Nevertheless, the Roborock robot can work longer without recharging and can clean in two modes additionally recognizing carpets with more significant capacities of dust and water tanks. The navigation system is almost the same, but Roborock can easily climb the carpet. Furthermore, the ability to self-empty dustbin on a docking station is already included in the Roborock package; and the possibility of setting different cleaning schedules per week makes this Brand a winner from the comparison. Last but not least, the price of the Roborock model is almost twice that of the Shark, so, if this is important for you, you may choose the Shark one as it has similar modes of working with almost the same quality.


Surprisingly, how much free time may appear with modern technology. One of the friendly smart devices for the home is a robot vacuum cleaner. Two Brands – Shark and Roborock – presented on the market models that may perform wet cleaning in addition to dry cleaning. 

A detailed comparison of the two most popular models showed that even though Roborock is more expensive, it is easier to maintain and can work without recharging longer, which is vital for big homes. But both robots are equipped with anti-allergic filters collecting up to 100% of dust up to 0.3 microns and effective brushes for pet hair. After installing their applications, you can schedule a convenient time for scrubbing and defining the rooms for deep cleaning.