How to Use Your Homemaking Skills to Make Extra Money


When you think of homemaking, you may not think of marketable skills that can make you money. But your skillset is valuable beyond making your home a nice place to live. Some of the skills you have developed can help you bring in some extra income. Whether you make this a side hustle or eventually turn it into a full-time thing, putting your marketable skills to use can help increase the household income.

Start a Business

One of the nice things about being a business owner is that you still have the flexibility to run your home. You may be able to start a business that you can run from the comfort of your home, especially if you make and sell products instead of offering services. It can be helpful to have a foundation of how to run a business before you delve into it. One way to get the knowledge you need is by getting a business-related degree in a field like marketing or accounting. If you are thinking about going back to school, you can use a student loan to help cover the cost of your education.

Make and Sell Consumable Products

Selling consumable products is a great way to make money because you are more likely to get repeat customers once they have consumed the items they bought from you. If you grow your own produce or enjoy preserving food, you could make extra and sell the excess. See if there is a local farmers’ market in your area you could sell your products at. Make extra batches to sell, and feed anything that doesn’t sell to your family. You could also learn how to make natural cleaning products or soaps if you don’t want to meet the requirements to sell food in your area. Just make sure to investigate any laws around selling cosmetics before you start. You could also start an online shop to sell your items.

Sell Your Services

You already clean your own home, so cleaning others’ homes can help you increase that income. You could offer your services while the kids are at school, or if you have your kids at home with you, you could offer to babysit a couple more at your home with you. If you are good at something, like art or music, you could offer lessons in your home.

Baking and Cooking

If you enjoy baking and cooking, you could sell your services or products. Many individuals need meals, and this is especially true for the elderly or busy parents. These individuals may not have the ability or time to cook their own food. You might be able to find individuals in need of your services, or you could offer a certain menu to choose from. You could also teach others how to prepare their own food by teaching cooking classes in your home. You could also bake for special events, like celebrations, birthdays, or weddings. If you can make beautiful items, like cakes or cupcakes, you could earn even more. Consider making muffins, cakes, breads, and cookies. These are all items that taste better homemade than store bought. Just make sure you follow any regulations in your area for selling food. You can even start a blog or YouTube channel within a specific niche, offering up your knowledge about cake baking hacks or how to make meal prep chicken last all week might create a substantial audience for you.