How To Design The Perfect Commercial Bathroom


The commercial bathroom is the most important room in your facility. This is where people will go to freshen up before they leave, and where customers will go when they need to use your restroom. You want this room to be clean, inviting, and well designed for efficiency! Here are some design tips that you can implement in commercial bathrooms:

Use a commercial toilet paper dispenser

There are commercial toilet paper dispensers that allow users to pull out a length of toilet paper at a time. This is more sanitary than commercial bathrooms with standard, full-sized rolls because customers can grab just one sheet – no need for them to touch the roll and pick up germs from others who have been there before! These commercial units also prevent people from touching other parts of the unit or leaving behind dirty tissue on your bathroom floor.

Another option for commercial restrooms without walls between each urinal (or stalls) is an automatic soap dispenser. People will appreciate not having to reach down below their waists in order to get soap, this feature makes it easier and cleaner when you’re washing your hands after using public facilities.

Take care of partitions

Partitions in commercial restrooms need to be cleaned with extra care. They are so often used and people come into direct contact with them on a regular basis. Partitions can become dirty very quickly if not checked regularly for dirt, spillage, or even graffiti! There is no better way of cleaning Fast Partitions than using commercial strength cleaners and disinfectants which contain antibacterial agents that will kill bacteria and germs such as E-coli present on the surface where they live and breed.

Put a logo on the commercial bathroom floor

When you have commercial bathrooms with tiled floors, it can be difficult to keep them clean. One way that you can make sure your customers and employees know whose facility they’re using is by having a logo or wordmark in tile on either side of the entry into each stall (for single-user stalls) or at both ends of all walkways between urinals/stalls (for multi-user commercial restrooms). This will ensure people won’t miss your brand when they go in for a quick restroom break – plus, this small detail makes an impact!

Put commercial hand soap pumps by all sinks

To make sure that all commercial sinks have commercial hand soap pumps, you should place one on the wall next to each sink. Not only will this allow people to easily wash their hands without touching a dirty surface or getting more germs from the faucet knobs, but it also makes it easier for you when cleaning and checking your facility because there will be an easy way for customers to get soap.

Don’t forget about including commercial trash receptacles in commercial bathrooms! People may not think about this when they are in a hurry, but it is important to have commercial trash receptacles near all commercial sinks. This way people don’t end up leaving germs or dirty tissues on the floor for you to clean later.

Use commercial air fresheners

Having commercial bathrooms is great, but you still want them to smell fresh. You can easily get commercial bathroom deodorizers that will make your facility more inviting and pleasant for customers. 

Air fresheners are commercial products that can be used in commercial bathrooms to keep them smelling fresh. Instead of having the smell of stale urine on your floor, commercial air fresheners will make it smell like lavender or another pleasant scent instead! It’s always a pleasure to smell something nice when you walk into the commercial bathroom, isn’t it?

Provide commercial paper towels

You will want commercial paper towels to be available in bathrooms for convenience and cleanliness. Have them by the commercial soap dispensers, as well as near all commercial sinks so that people can properly dry their hands after washing. Paper towels provide more coverage than commercial hand dryers, and they don’t get your hands dirty or leave them wet.

Use commercial toilet seat covers

These types of seat covers can be found anywhere these days. In commercial restrooms, are a necessity because of the high traffic flow and need to be kept clean at all times. You can purchase commercial toilet seat covers in bulk or by roll from your local supplier for a very good price.

Put hand dryers by all sinks and in the stalls

This one is especially important in commercial bathrooms. You don’t want people to have to wait for a dryer or paper towels! The lines will form and it just makes everyone’s life harder. In commercial restrooms, hand dryers should be placed by every sink as well as in the stalls so that there is no need for any waiting time at all.

Partitions still need to be cleaned, but this takes care of one step – drying hands after washing them which can then eliminate bacteria from spreading even further if someone doesn’t wash their hands properly afterward.

Ensure that there is enough counter

You don’t want commercial bathrooms to be out of toilet paper, hand soap, or even paper towels. This is a big inconvenience for anyone who needs these items and you will find that they quickly become frustrated if there isn’t enough available.

The best way to keep commercial restrooms well-stocked with the necessary supplies is by creating an inventory list and checking it regularly – either daily at peak times such as lunchtime in restaurants or after evening events when people are most likely to use the facilities again on their way home from work.

Install commercial floor mats at every entryway to wipe off feet, shoes, etc.

This will prevent dirt from getting tracked through your facility and this is probably one of the most important commercial bathroom tips you can ever implement. No matter how clean commercial restrooms are, if it isn’t equipped with commercial floor mats at every entryway to wipe off feet or shoes before entering, then people will still track dirt in from outside which could hinder your cleaning efforts down the line.

Remember these tips when designing commercial bathrooms – if people like using the room then they are much less likely to complain about it in online reviews or tell others how bad it was at your store/facility! Use these strategies so that everyone who goes into this space has a positive experience with your business.