“Everything in my cellar was grown in our organic and pesticides free gardens”


via Jennifer Bullock

“After months of starting seeds, growing and tending my vegetable gardens. Harvesting and canning, dehydrating and freezing. Garden season is starting to come to a close.

We have had a bumper crops this season, and so beyond grateful. Especially with the cost of food!!

Everything in my cellar was grown in our organic and pesticides free gardens 😍

Good ole chicken poop and compost are rocket fuel.

Thankfully this year squash bugs gave me a break.

We use bug nets, diatomaceous earth, bug strips and hand squishing. Along with marigolds and companion planting. But it can be frustrating!!

via Jennifer Bullock

What you see is 90% made this year. We still had lots of salsa and canned tomatoes, so we planted less of those and more peppers this year etc

I’m all self taught. I’ve read and read and read some more. Made plenty of mistakes. But if this is what your passionate about..you’ll figure it out.

My 2 daughters are my biggest helpers and it feels wonderful learning and passing this knowledge to them. I know my granny is looking down proud of following in her footsteps.

via Jennifer Bullock

So having a coffee while feeling like a squirrel all stocked up for the winter!!!

(Shelves are 18inchs deep and reinforced)

Love from Ontario Canada

(Not portuguese just love the Good luck rooster)”

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