7 Modern Small Bedroom Ideas for Your Home


A small bedroom may seem challenging when deciding on a modern design plan. However, just because you have a small bedroom doesn’t mean it can’t make a big style statement. It may take some planning, but a lack of space doesn’t mean you have to make any sacrifices. You can have a functional and luxurious bedroom using smart storage and modern design tricks.

With the right interior design tips, even the tiniest space can be turned into a cozy yet stylish retreat. These small space design ideas will help you revive your room with creativity and a touch of contemporary style.

Choose the Right Furniture

Scaling the furniture to the room is an integral part of decorating. You don’t want to put massive furnishings in a small room; it will overwhelm the space. Sofa beds are an excellent choice in a small modern bedroom, especially if you want the room to serve more than one purpose, like an office-turned-guest room. 

A sofa bed is comfortable and designed to accommodate a permanent sleeping situation, providing support like an actual bed. Consider other furniture that can serve more than one purpose as well. For example, a nightstand with drawers could store clothing.

Think Light and Bright

White is the perfect backdrop to design the rest of your modern bedroom. White makes small spaces look and feel larger than they are by reflecting light and brightening up the room, which creates the illusion of more space. You can go all white on the walls, rugs, and textiles for the ultimate bright and airy space. 

Using different textures and patterns to kick up the drama can keep a room from looking overly stark. Or, if all-white isn’t quite your style, perhaps use it on the walls, but bring your favourite colour into your décor. The combination of white and bold colours can make a big statement in a tiny space.

Window Treatments

Some sort of window treatment is essential in a bedroom. Not only do curtains or blinds provide privacy, but they also allow you some control over the amount of light that comes in. Roller or vertical blinds are perfect for being simple and understated but still providing that needed privacy. 

Try floor-to-ceiling sheer or white curtains if you prefer fabric curtains. They will draw the eye upwards and make the room look bigger. Another standard design tip is to hang your curtain rod at least four inches above the window frame to help make the windows themselves appear bigger.

Maximize Storage

Storage space is something you can’t do without in a modern bedroom. All the belongings you keep in your bedroom should have a place to be put away when not in use to keep the room looking stylish and comfortable. One of the most innovative uses of space in a tiny bedroom is to add a built-in unit if you can. 

Built-ins maximize your storage space, incorporating places to display books and trinkets and act as table space or even drawers. If a built-in isn’t possible, consider getting a bed with drawers built into the frame to create extra storage space. Or use bins and other storage containers tucked right under the bed.

The Mirror Trick

One of the oldest decorating tricks is using a mirror to make a small space look bigger. It works because the room is reflected in the glass, making it appear as if the area is twice as large. 

Mirrors also help to bounce around any available natural light, another space-making trick. For a modern look, choose an oversized mirror with a sleek, thin frame and lean it against one of the walls.

Go Minimalist

Minimalism aims to create serene spaces by scaling back on what is in them. And since bedrooms are typically a place we go to relax and revitalize ourselves, applying this décor style to them makes sense. This is especially true for a small bedroom. 

Too much stuff in a room can shrink the space, so keeping a small space tidy and clutter-free is vital. The décor in a small room should be kept to a minimum, and choosing only a few furniture pieces is vital to making the room seem larger than it is. For the most modern feel, stick to sleek white furniture.


The textiles you choose for your small modern bedroom are where you get to be creative. The soft materials are also what will make your room cozy and comfortable. 

Layer the bed with cushions and throws in your favourite colours and textures to add visual interest and give the space some exciting dimension. Repeating patterns is trendy in modern design, so consider matching the patterns on your rug with cushions or an accent bedspread.