6 Reasons Why Have Your Gutters Maintained

Gutters in rain

Gutters may not be something you can proudly show to your visitors like your brand-new marble countertop or the high-tech appliance you just bought, but they’re just as functional and as important to your house. That’s why maintaining your gutters is as crucial as any other house task.

If you’re one of those homeowners who often neglect or forget to clean your gutters, we probably can’t blame you. Especially if you live in a pretty tall house where the gutters are harder to reach than normal ones.

But we’re not saying it’s excusable. You must still have your gutters fixed or cleaned as much as possible. If you live in a neighbourhood where there’s a lot of trees, your gutters will collect more debris and fallen leaves or twigs. And that’s a lot more work.

The debris may look normal at first but once you’ve let it sit there for a long time, it can bring a lot of damage to your gutters. And the entire house, eventually.

Below are more reasons why you must have your gutters fixed and cleaned.

1. Clogged up gutters can damage your roof

Normally, clean gutters allow the rainwater to flow continuously from the roof to the downspout. But if the gutter is all clogged up, it’s a different story. Rainwater can pool inside the gutter and eventually overflow.

Since gutters are directly attached to the roofing system, the rainwater will likely touch the base of the roof and cause rusting (if you have galvanized roofs) and cracking (if you’ve got roof shingles).

These damages may seem little at first, but they can result in bigger problems like roof leaks and rotted ceilings.

2. It can cause flooding in your basement

Rainwater is probably the worst enemy of any house. After pooling inside your gutters and damaging your roof, it can potentially destroy everything in your basement, too. That is if your house has a basement.

What happens is that the rainwater that overflows from the gutter will eventually seep into the ground and cause leaking in the basement. It can even cause flooding if you have faulty structures in your basement.

Aside from flooding, the rainwater can also cause the formation of moulds, and deterioration of paint.

3. After the flooding, your home’s foundation is compromised

There’s a possibility that the water can destroy your home’s foundation. Especially if it continues to happen for a long time.

Keep in mind that a house with compromised structural integrity is not safe to live in. You might need to rent or buy a new one to keep the safety of your family.

If you plan to sell the house someday, you might find it difficult to find a buyer because a property with weak foundations will not pass an inspection. That’s for sure.

4. Clogged up gutters invite pests

The unmaintained gutter may seem unsightly for humans but for pests, it’s a paradise. Rats and mosquitoes, for example, love these spots because these are perfect breeding grounds for them.

The next thing you know, these rats and mosquitoes have already invaded your house, wreaking havoc on the entire property.

Having pests in your house does not only compromise the structural integrity and overall aesthetic of your house. It can also compromise the safety of your family. Rats and mosquitoes are notorious for being the perfect carrier of diseases and they can spread it everywhere.

So before anything happens, look for the best guttering company in Sydney and have your gutters checked, cleaned, and restored if needed.

Also, keep in mind that it’s not a one-time affair. Maintain your gutters regularly to avoid any problems that we just mentioned.