5 New And Improved Exterior Design Styles For Your Home

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Checking out house designs from catalogs and online resources will feed you with inspirational ideas on how to prep your interiors. However, if you’re not finding enough design style references for outdoors, this article would provide you some of the popular ones with a contemporary twist. If you aim to have a beautiful façade that would earn a double take from passers-by, any of the exterior styles enumerated below can give you that outcome.

Know the different styles and variations of home exteriors and pick your favorite. You can also consult with your professional home improvement contractor, like Nova Exteriors and similar firms, to have inspiration during your exterior makeover journey. You may also refer to architecture catalogs or ask friends and families for exterior suggestions. Or you can bring out your own creativity and combine traditional designs with modern additions and improvements.

If you’re now ready to give your home’s exterior a good makeover, here are some of the staple but enhanced exterior design styles that’d look perfect for your home.

1. Cape Cod Design 

Houses in the past, especially way back in the 1600s, have the Cape Cod design. These are traditional homes usually built on the Massachusetts coast and designed to withstand strong and stormy weather conditions, which are constantly being experienced in this area. These homes generally looked square in shape with gray shingles and some dormer windows, but they have now evolved into modern designs.

Nowadays, a Cape Cod would usually have about just a single or two stories. They come with steep rooflines, hardwood floors, and wooden sidings, too. Dormer windows and small porches were popular features of Cape Cod homes in the early 1600s. This would be a great design for your exterior, especially if it’s a bit smaller in size. You can have it on the side or back of your house, depending on how much more lot space you have. 

Traditionally, Cape Cod houses don’t have furnished spaces for their upstairs. You can either retain this concept or fully design it according to your preferred style, which would give you more versatility in case you wish to renovate this vacant space for different use. 

2. Contemporary Exterior Design 

New roof installation can enhance the look of your home, but turning your house into a contemporary one would increase its value more. There is a broad category of contemporary houses. Some of them come with flat roofs, combine natural materials, or incorporate many horizontal lines. Glasses and mirrors are also typical among these types of houses. Usually, contemporary homes have large glass walls so as not to block the outdoors while still allowing natural light to come in. 

Trendy elements are used in these houses, but older elements can also be integrated if they match the home’s overall contemporary vibe. Modern houses feature designs and items that are functional and serve a purpose. But any such additional decor should still be able to blend well with the entire modern design of the house.

When you look at modern houses, you can automatically tell how up to date their styles are. For instance, they incorporate chic hues of lights in their outside to have an elegant touch. Consider installing high-quality exterior lights if you want the outside of your home to have a luxurious, stylish, and contemporary look.  

3. Modern Craftsman

Homes built between 1905 and 1930 are called Craftsman-style homes, resembling the English Arts and Crafts movement. Craftsman homes in the past usually highlight the use of handmade, raw, and organic materials. Craftsman architecture emphasizes the apparent connection between the interior and exterior as it uses beams and rafters while integrating porches and patios, too. 

While Craftsman is a design popularly built historically, there are already modern versions for them today. Homeowners and designers now incorporate Craftsman exterior styles with newer and more modern exterior elements, which is why it was eventually considered a modern craftsman exterior design.

4. Florida Architecture

This next design is a wooden-frame-style house famous in Florida during the 19th century but continues to be used as a theme by several developers today. Some of the standard features of this exterior design are metal roofs and large porch areas. They also come with raised floors and central hallways that go right to the house’s rear part. If you’re looking for an exterior design that may never go out of trend, you can check out some popular Florida architecture house designs. 

5. Ranch-Style Home Exterior 

Generally, a simple floor plan, an attached garage, and an efficient layout are what a ranch-style home is all about. This design is yet another classic style but can be added with a modern twist if you want to use it for your home’s exteriors. This style dates back from the 1930s to the 1960s.

On the outside, ranch-style houses might appear plain or ordinary, but they offer a lot of potential for expansion. Their plainness would allow you to blend them with your preferred personalized designs, which would elevate the entire exterior feel and turn them into a modern vibe. 


Whichever exterior home design you choose would indeed look great on your property. The key is to first envision how they’d look before starting with your exterior makeover project. Remember, however, to hire the best exterior home developers so you can have your dream home exterior in no time.