5 Cool Smartwatches for Kids with GPS tracking

Kid with GPS tracking

One of the biggest advantages to purchasing a smartwatch for your kid the enhanced safety features they offer which you can’t get on some other devices. While many youth smartwatches are aimed to get kids active and moving, keeping kids entertained, or teaching kids about the human body, many parents especially like wearable tech on their child for their ability to track the child’s movement AND location.

GPS tracking on a child’s smartwatch means you can not only keep track of their location, but also call or text them if you need them to back home. Some of these smartwatches for children also include their own unique safety features every parent can get on board with. Read more from superwatches.com about the benefits of having a smartwatch for your child.

1. Apple Watch SE

The Apple line of smartwatches are good options for older children and teens as they can be supported with iOS Apple phones. This one in particular is not compatible with Android phones. The sleek design is sure to have your teen interested, and the Family Setup and GPS/messaging service are great parental controls feature which allows you to block them from certain features or uses, as well as make voice calls to their smartwatch.

2. Xplora X5 Play

The X5 is a convenient mix of smartphone and smartwatch which could be great for younger kids who aren’t quite ready to commit to owning a phone. The smartwatch allows you to pre-approve up to 50 contacts for your child to message or call and blocks your kid’s ability to make or receive calls from random numbers. But of course, it has a GPS tracker too! The app is available on iOS and Android, so it is also one of the more convenient options on the market for a lot of parents.

3. Themoemoe Smartwatch

IS your kid one of the active ones? Ready to play, swim, and get dirty? This durable smartwatch is an apt choice for parents concerned with safety and getting their money’s worth in a smartwatch. Along with GPS tracking, you can make two-way calls, there is a flashlight on the watch, and an SOS button, notifying you immediately if you child needs help. Some fun features include a camera and the fact that it is waterproof.

4. Vodafone Neo Smart Kids Watch 

Not only does the VODAFONE NEO SMART KIDS WATCH have a GPS tracker so you can keep a closer eye on your active child, but it also has voice and text messaging functions so you can get in touch with them if need be. It boasts features perfect for the outdoorsy kids with water resistance, a camera, and the communication functions. However, some will not appreciate the subscription you need to use this kids’ smartwatch. 

5. Xplora XGO 2

The XGO 2 makes an ideal choice for active kids with parents who’d like to keep to a budget. It is an affordable smartwatch for younger kids (under 12) with the important GPS tracking feature as well as a variety of other great fitness and safety features. One unique feature your kids will love is a motivating Goplay Xplora coin system, where their steps can earn them coins. The smartwatch comes in four colour options as well as your choice of 4G, 3G, or 2G. But for features that will impress a parent, consider the XGO 2’s SOS button, the ability to create security zones (like home, school, or other familiar places), and voice/text messaging abilities.