5 Best Globber Scooters Your Kids Must Have

GLOBBER scooter

Scooters are probably one of the coolest gifts that you can give to your kids. They’re fun and easy to use and they allow your kids to go visit their friends in the neighbourhood.

If you’re looking to buy your kid a scooter, you can’t go wrong with Globber scooters Australia. They offer a great collection of impressive scooters that will cater to your children’s needs and satisfy their preferences.

However, picking one from all the scooters at their disposal can be difficult. They’re all so good that you don’t know what to get. In this piece, we’ve whittled down all their products into our top 5 picks, one from each category. So read on!

1. Best beginner scooter for kids: Primo

If you have a kid who’s new to scooters, you can’t help but worry. Because anything can happen if he or she starts to lose balance. But fret not! The Globber Primo scooter is the perfect gear for newbies.

The reason why it’s the best beginner scooter out there is Primo’s patented locking system. It allows first-timers to ride the scooter safely without losing balance.

With a press of a button, the two front wheels are locked. This way, your kids are limited to front and back movement. With another press, the lock disengages so your kids can start steering again.

2. Best folding scooter for kids: Elite

Aside from the great riding experience, Elite’s patented Elliptic folding system allows users to comfortably bring the scooter anywhere. Your kids can just push a button and easily transform the scooter into a trolley.

The best thing about this is that it also features the steering lock system that you can find in Primo. If your kid is still learning the ropes, the steering lock system will prevent your kid from losing balance!

3. Best 3-wheel scooter for kids: Ultimum

Now, this is the ultimate three-wheel scooter that you can find. Globber’s Ultimum features an advanced patented steering angle control system that allows the rider to change the turning radius so your kids can adjust it according to their riding preference!

Once your kids become a little more experienced in scooters, they would definitely want this! The Ultimum series can also support up to 100kg and has a 6-height adjustable T-bar so you and the older kids can join in the fun, too!

4. Best 2-wheel scooter for kids: Flow Foldable 125

If your kid is transitioning from a three-wheel scooter to two-wheels, get the best one in the game. In short, the Flow Foldable 125!

It’s built tough and features a 4-height adjustable T-bar so your kids can still use them during their teenage years!

Like the first models, the Flow Foldable 125 can be folded easily so you can store them easily. It also has a self-standing mode, perfect when your kid just wants to take a pause and resume the fun after a few minutes.  

5. Best electric scooter for kids: One K E-Motion 4

When it comes to safe and user-friendly electric scooters in the game, this bad boy is so out of its league that it’s almost unfair. Not to mention, it’s also an award-winning model!

The One K E-Motion 4 is specifically designed for children aged 6 and above. This scooter starts with a simple kick and a single push of the throttle button located on the T-bar. Once it’s started, your kid can simply enjoy the smooth and safe riding experience.

What makes it safe, you might ask? Well, it features a dual-braking system on the rear to make the stopping smooth. If your kid encounters a bump on the road, he or she can simply hit the brakes to avoid accidents.