4 Modern Ways to Beautify Your Home with MDF Wall Paneling

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When it comes to adding visual interest and character to your home, wall paneling is a great choice. Using wall panels as an interior design feature can add an interesting dimension to your home, especially if you rent and cannot make major renovations. Wall paneling is a versatile and affordable way to create the look of a room or accent within your home, while also creating an interesting focal point in any room or area. While wall paneling was once seen primarily in rustic cabins or hunting lodges, its popularity has risen significantly in recent years as people have discovered how easy it can be to install over walls or add accents with it. If you’re considering using wall paneling with a traditional wall panel kit as part of your interior design scheme, here are 4 modern ways to beautify your home with MDF wall paneling:

Change The Look Of Any Room With A Wallpaper Slip Panel

Wallpapers took over the traditional habit of painted walls. Now, wallpaper slip panels are taking over the trend of wallpapers. Wall panels protect your walls from damage while elevating the interior design of your home. However, people use it in a limited amount of space and merge it with the overall wallpaper design of the room. To make this double amount of work easier, interior designers have come up with the idea of wallpaper slip panels where you customize the wall panels with the wallpaper design of your choice and install them in your room. These slip panels are lightweight and just like placing wallpaper, you can easily fix them. 

Create An Accent Wall With Drywall Panels

An accent wall is decorating a specific wall in your living room or bedroom to make it a centerpiece of attention. There is no fixed pattern for accent walls; you’re welcome to try out different ideas. Some of the common patterns people uses on accent walls are herringbone, board & batten, grid, random patterns, etc. 

Install A Floating Panel Ceiling

Floating panels or drop ceilings is one of the most renowned ways of decorating your ceiling. This drop ceiling can be used to hide wires and pipes that run through your ceiling. This feature can improve the room’s acoustics. It’ll control the noise waves in one room from reaching the entire house. You can customize these drop ceilings to elevate the aesthetics of your home. 

Incorporate Floor-To-Ceiling Built-In Storage Panels

Instead of just installing a regular wall panel, you can try some panels that have storage facilities. For instance, a floor to ceiling storage panels will catch the eye of your guests. You can showcase your art pieces in these big lengthy storages. It will not be like a regular cabinet, you can customize it as you wish. When you install a floor-to-ceiling wall panel, you don’t have to paint the wall behind. And just like any other wall panels it also hides the ugly wires and pipes and in times of maintenance, wall panels are easy to remove and reinstall. 

Use these tips wisely to beautify your home with traditional wall panel kit.