4 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Image credit: Pixabay.com

As spring is approaching and the long, cold days of winter are left behind, the desire to bring the light indoors is everywhere. Flowers start blooming and homeowners everywhere want their home to shed the heavy coat of winter and become lighter in furniture, light, and décor. With some easy actions, you can refresh your home this spring without breaking the bank.

Start by refreshing the bedrooms with an array of new pillows and throws that bring the image of spring indoors. Choose a floral palette that will add a soft detail to a neutral room and store those heavy wool blankets. Replace them with textiles in a much lighter feel and color in shades that reflect the blooming nature all around.

Here are four more easy ways to refresh your home this spring:

1. Flowers Everywhere

Nothing says spring more clearly than having a beautiful floral arrangement close by. Even in neutral rooms, adding a bunch of flowers brings in that much-needed pop of color. And those beautiful vases you have been hiding in the coat closet since last year, dust them and bring them back to life.

Adding even the smallest touch of the outdoors by using flowers, branches or fruits, will completely transform any room by embracing the outdoors.

2. Add Accent Rugs

Adding an accent rug to the living room, den, or even in the bathrooms and kitchen, can brighten up your décor instantly. Dare to use a color you have never used before and watch the transformation. And that old rug that has been chewed up by Fido, toss it and get one of the new, washable ones that keep their color and can be cleaned in a jiffy. Once again, keep spring in mind and go for colors that remind you of nature.

3. Shelves Become Multipurpose

A simple bookcase is your friend. Gone are the days when shelves were only used for books. A small bookcase in your bathroom can offer you the ideal storage space for linens and toiletries. In the living room or den, these shelves can display your collection of scented candles or seashells. In the bedroom, they can display the souvenirs you have brought from your travels. You can find a DIY bookcase or search the internet for a truly beautiful find.

4. Replace Your Hardware

Nothing so small can ever make such a huge difference. But replacing the handles in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets can make a world of difference that can be accomplished in a single afternoon. If you are brave, change the faucet to match your new handles. Look for patterned ceramic pulls or choose a shade of metal that will shine.

In general, spring is a great season to exercise your creativity. Don’t be afraid to combine colors and patterns as long as you keep to a similar hue. Just having these touches in your home will serve to brighten your days and remind you of the beautiful weather outside your door. If you need further inspiration to get your home ready to embrace spring, head to homecarecontractors.com for original ideas. And if you have been putting off that much-needed remodeling project, spring is the best time of year to make that a reality as well.