Easy Ways to Get Rid of Egg Smell

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Accidents happen. You might spill coffee on your shirt or get caught in an unexpected downpour. But can you imagine a scenario where a bulk purchase of eggs explodes in your car? Suddenly, you’re left with an overwhelming egg smell that just won’t leave. This scenario might sound exaggerated, but I’ve faced a similar ordeal. The pungent smell of eggs invaded my space, making me feel as though I reeked of it. It was a battle, but I found ways to eliminate the egg smell from my car and house. If you’re facing this dilemma, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you reclaim your space.

Step 1: Ventilation is Key

The first step in my journey was to allow as much air as possible to circulate through the affected area. Whether it’s your car or your home, open all the windows and doors to let fresh air in and egg smell out. In my car, I left the windows slightly open overnight (in a safe location) to continuously air it out. It’s a simple start, but effective in reducing the intensity of the smell.

source: Reddit

Step 2: Cleaning Thoroughly

For surfaces that came into direct contact with the eggs, a thorough cleaning was necessary. I mixed warm water with dish soap, known for its grease-cutting properties, and gently scrubbed the affected areas. In the car, this meant deep-cleaning the upholstery and carpets. At home, it involved mopping the floors and wiping down any surfaces that might have absorbed the smell.

Step 3: Absorbing the Smell

Next, I turned to odor absorbers. Baking soda became my best friend during this ordeal. I sprinkled a generous amount on the carpets and seats of my car and left it overnight before vacuuming it up. The same approach worked wonders on my home’s floors and surfaces. For hard-to-reach areas, placing bowls of white vinegar around the space helped neutralize the egg smell without introducing any harsh chemicals.

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Step 4: Utilizing Natural Fresheners

After eliminating as much of the egg smell as possible, I introduced natural fresheners to restore a pleasant aroma. I opted for bowls of ground coffee and lemon peels, both known for their strong and refreshing scents. These natural options absorbed any lingering odors and left a fresh, clean smell in their place.

Step 5: Prevention and Maintenance

Finally, I learned the importance of prevention. Storing eggs securely and checking them for freshness became a routine practice to avoid repeat incidents. Regular cleaning and airing out of potentially affected areas also became part of my maintenance routine to ensure the egg smell didn’t make an unwelcome return.

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If you find yourself in a similar predicament, remember that with patience and the right approach, you can reclaim your space from the clutches of any nasty smell.