If You Spot This Metal Bar in a Restaurant, This Is What It’s For


Have you ever noticed a shiny metal bar running along the front of a restaurant’s bar counter? Perhaps you’ve wondered why it’s there or what purpose it serves. Well, we’re here to tell you! That metal bar is called a service bar rail, and it actually serves a very practical function.

You see, the service bar rail acts as a divider between the customers and the area where the bar staff work. It’s designed to keep patrons from drifting into the section of the bar where the servers need to move freely to collect glasses and serve drinks. This helps maintain a smooth and efficient workflow behind the counter, especially during busy periods.

The service bar rail is usually made out of brass, which gives it a stylish and attractive appearance. However, the choice of brass for the construction of the bar rail is primarily for aesthetic reasons. Both the bar rails and the foot rails along the bar are typically fashioned in the same manner and material, creating a cohesive and visually appealing design.

You might be wondering why it’s always brass and not some other metal. Well, the use of brass in bar rails is more of a traditional choice rather than a functional requirement. Brass has long been associated with elegance and sophistication, and it has become a popular material for various elements in bars and restaurants, including the service bar rail.

Next time you visit a bar or restaurant, take a closer look at the bar counter. You’ll likely notice the service bar rail and the foot rail, along with an opening under the counter. This opening allows bartenders, in certain designs, to easily access the bar area. It’s crucial to keep this area clear of customers to ensure smooth movement for the staff.

In some cases, you might also come across the term “waitress station” when researching about the service bar rail. This refers to the area where the servers gather drinks and other items needed to serve the customers. The presence of the service bar rail helps prevent customers from standing in this area, blocking access for the staff and potentially causing delays in service.

So, the next time you’re enjoying a drink at a restaurant or bar, take a moment to appreciate the functionality and purpose behind that shiny metal bar. The service bar rail, typically made of brass, serves as a stylish divider between the customers and the busy service area. It ensures a smooth and efficient workflow, while also adding an elegant touch to the overall design of the bar counter.