10 Items You Should Never Put in Your Dryer

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I have to admit, the first time I found a gloopy mess of chewing gum in the dryer, it was a real “aha” moment. Not everything can go in the dryer, and learning this the hard way has inspired me to share some wisdom. If any of these items end up in your dryer, it could be bad news for your clothes, your appliance, and your peace of mind.

Starting off with lingerie, I learned that the delicate fabrics and underwire can get damaged in the dryer’s tumbling environment. The heat can break down elastic and lace, leaving you with ill-fitting undergarments faster than you’d believe. Air drying is the way to go to keep them in good shape.

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Pet hair on clothes is a common issue for pet owners like myself. However, throwing them directly into the dryer can lead to a clogged lint filter and potentially a broken machine. It’s best to remove pet hair as much as possible before washing.

Beach days are fun until beachwear covered in sand goes into the dryer. Sand can accumulate and cause harm to the dryer’s drum and lint trap. Shake off the sand or wash and air dry these items separately.

I didn’t know Spandex had a vendetta against the dryer, but here we are. The heat can break down the stretchy fibers, leaving your workout gear less supportive. Lay flat or hang to dry to maintain that perfect fit.

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The nightmare of chewing gum in the dryer isn’t just a myth; it’s a sticky disaster waiting to happen. It melts and sticks to the drum, making it nearly impossible to remove without a fight. Check those pockets!

Tights or pantyhose are another casualty of the dryer’s wrath. The heat can cause them to lose their shape and elasticity, leading to runs and tears. Instead, gently press out excess water and lay them flat to dry.

Did you know flammable stains (think gasoline, cooking oil, or paint thinner) become even more dangerous in the dryer? The heat can ignite these residues, posing a serious fire risk. Always air dry items with these stains after thoroughly washing them out.

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Rubber-backed bath mats seem like they’d survive anything, but the dryer is their kryptonite. The heat can degrade the rubber, leading to cracking and crumbling, which could damage your machine. Air drying is safer and extends the life of your mats.

Anything embellished with sequins, beads, or metal should steer clear of the dryer. The tumbling can damage both the decorations and the dryer’s drum. Plus, you risk losing those beautiful details that made you love the item in the first place.

Lastly, lace might look tough in those vintage dresses, but it’s a delicate fabric that hates the heat. The dryer can cause shrinking, tearing, or distortion of its intricate patterns. Treat it gently, and air dry to preserve its beauty.

Learning what not to put in the dryer has saved me countless headaches (and dollars). It’s all about preserving what we love by giving it the care it deserves.