“I bought it because it’s cute, what is it though?” – The Mysterious Decor Item

source: kmart

I love having unusual decorative objects in my house. This is my only weak spot, trust me. My husband has had enough. He’s like, “They don’t have any purpose! Why would you buy so many things that have no purpose? Just to store them everywhere and just watch them?” And that’s exactly why I do that. Thank goodness he loves me and bears with me. 

My house is full of these strange, unusual items, and even with it looking like a quirky museum, I don’t stop looking for other items. Well, what can I say? I can’t help it. I just love them and how my house looks when you can see these beautiful, unusual decorative items lying around. I always get questions like, “Where did you get them? They are so pretty.” So, you won’t be surprised if I say that I spend a lot of time on the internet just searching for these pretty items.

And that’s when I came across this weird-shaped object. Someone posted in the Target, Kmart & BIG W Inspired, Decor & Hacks group to ask members what exactly this item was because she couldn’t figure it out. She said it was just very pretty, and that’s why she bought it. Sounds like me, right? But I promise, it’s not me. Not gonna lie, I was thinking for days about this object. What could it be? Hundreds of comments said different things. Some of them thought it was a taco holder. Well, it kinda looks like it. Some said a dust collector, but how? A dust collector? What does this even mean? Bunnings sausage holder? Soap holder? Spoon holder? Literally so many comments saying different things.

But apparently, none of them were right. This item was probably just a decorative thing, and you could use it for literally anything. Let your imagination go wild. Yes!!! I was expecting something certain too, but isn’t this better? You can literally use it for anything. Some commenters suggested it could be a paintbrush, candle, and toothbrush holder too, and my artistic soul loves this idea a lot. No matter what it is, it’s very cute and pretty, and this woman can use it for anything.

I’ve had this kind of situation before when I bought something, and I didn’t even know what it was. My hubby was like, “YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY YOU BOUGHT IT!” But guess what? It was cute and pretty, and that’s why I bought it, and everyone who saw it liked it. So, it’s about these small things that bring us happiness. Small details. So, I really understand what this woman was feeling when she was buying this cute, darn object.

This made me think about how special it is that we can decide what the things we decorate our homes with mean to us. Isn’t it great that we can give any object we like any purpose we want? This situation shows how we decide what’s important or meaningful in our lives. It’s not just about whether something is useful. Often, it’s about the happiness, interest, or beauty that thing adds to our lives.

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Thinking back on all the times I’ve searched for special items online and in stores, I’ve learned that every unique thing I find has its own story. There’s the intricately painted bowl I discovered at a flea market, which I later learned was meant for mixing traditional spices but now holds my collection of vintage marbles. Or the ornate, brass lamp with no wiring I found, which now serves as a planter for my succulents. These items, devoid of their original purpose, have found new life and meaning within the confines of my home.

This adventure of discovering and giving new meanings to things has made me love the playful and the silly. It’s a happy thought that not everything has to make sense or have a normal use to matter. Sometimes, just feeling amazed or happy when you see something pretty or strange is all you need.

So, to my husband and to anyone else who wonders why I fill our home with these purposeless treasures, it’s simple: they make our space a reflection of imagination, creativity, and the unpredictable joy of the unknown. They are real proof of life’s unexpected, happy surprises, turned into objects that might not have a clear use but add beauty, joy, and wonder to our everyday lives. And honestly, isn’t that a wonderful purpose to have?