Fire Department Warns: Snakes Might Be in Your Pool Noodles

source: Wikimedia / Pexels

I’m terrified of snakes. Fortunately, I have never had a chance to meet one in my everyday life. I am not sure what I would do in such a case – most likely I would panic. These slimy creatures make me sick and I am highly scared of them. Many people (thankfully not my neighbors) have told me that they have seen snakes in their backyards and gardens. Can you imagine? Sitting in your backyard, gardening, or just relaxing and out of nowhere, you see a snake? It doesn’t matter if it’s dangerous or harmless; a snake is still a snake. I would go crazy, particularly with children and animals in the vicinity. Do you know where else you can find snakes? Well, surprise for you. If you own a pool and use pool noodles, snakes might be living in them, as the fire department has pointed out.

The City of Buckeye Fire Department in Arizona posted a rather spooky message. A resident found rattlesnakes living in the pool noodles they had in their compound. I mean pool noodles, yes, those foam floats you find by the swimming pool. A family was preparing to have a great time swimming when a snake chose to make a grand entrance from a pool noodle. And not just one, there were other small rattlesnakes living in there too. Just try to imagine the shock and horror!

source: Reddit

This is not the first time such a thing has happened either. The fire department said that it is rather frequent. In general, snakes prefer dark and confined areas that offer shelter to the reptile. These reptiles can easily hide in pool noodles because of their hollow center. It’s not just rattlesnakes though; other species of snakes may also prefer these areas.

So, how can we avoid such a situation? First of all, it is recommended to keep pool noodles and other similar items in a locked area such as a shed to avoid snake attacks. After the use of the pool, ensure that you fold and store all the items that were used properly. Do not throw pool noodles around the yard or near the pool. It is also important to inspect the noodles even during the swimming season before jumping into the water. A simple shake or a quick look into the noodle can help you avoid the unpleasant outcome.

source: Reddit

Snakes are more active during the summer months. During the summer season, snakes come out of their hiding place to hunt for food and to find a place to hide from the heat. They are particularly attracted to water, and this means that your pool area could be a prime location. Avoiding snake encounters in your yard is possible if you make it less appealing to them. Mow your lawn regularly and clean up any clutter that might provide shelter for snakes. If you have a compost pile, make sure to maintain it and place it at a distance from your house and pool.

It is also important to note that even though most snakes are non venomous, it is still advisable to avoid them. If you see a snake in your yard or near your pool, do not approach the snake but rather, report it to a professional. Attempting to eradicate it on your own is quite risky, especially if you do not know much about the various types and their characteristics.

source: Reddit

Having children and pets at home makes the possibility of encountering a snake even more terrifying. Make sure that your children do not go near areas where snakes may be lurking and ensure that you accompany them when they go out to play. When it comes to pets, especially dogs, it is best to teach them to stay away from snakes and other animals. Some dog breeds are even specially trained to avoid snakes and there are training programs for this purpose.

Another preventative step is to ensure that there are no loopholes or cracks through which snakes may enter your home or compound. Inspect the fences, walls, and the foundation of your house. Even the smallest of gaps can be appealing to the smaller species of snakes. It is also advisable to use snake repellents around the perimeter of your compound as this can also help in keeping the snakes away.

source: Reddit

It is important to note that snakes are important in the ecosystem as they help to regulate the population of rodents and other pests. Still, one would not mind keeping them away from one’s home and family as much as possible. With these measures in mind, you can have fun in the swimming pool during summer without having to worry about a snake showing up.

Although the notion of snakes hiding in pool noodles is rather creepy, you can avoid such situations by being more cautious. Mow your lawn regularly, secure your pool accessories, and teach your loved ones about snake precautions. Following these steps can help you have a fun and snake-free summer.