What Does a Blue Porch Light Mean?

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Moving is stressful, right? The packaging, the lifting, the countless boxes that appear out of nowhere and seem to reproduce themselves. It has been a great help to have my husband with me to help lift and sort everything out. We recently changed the house and moving to a new neighborhood has been quite exciting. Now that we are in the process of settling down, we are concentrating on ensuring that our new home feels like a home, beginning with the decoration of our porch.

As we were setting up, I noticed something interesting about our new neighborhood: the porch lights. Next door, there is a porch light that is red in color. I was not quite sure what the green porch lights meant, as I had heard something about them being associated with veterans, but the red one really confused me. And then, I saw it—a blue porch light. It was different from the usual white and yellow lights, and I was determined to discover the meaning behind it.

Well, of course, I had to look up the meanings of the various colors of the porch light, and here is what I discovered about the blue porch light.

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Porch Light Color Meanings

Before we get into the specific color meanings, let’s discuss the basic ideas behind porch light colors. It is not only an eccentric decorative option; these colors can convey important messages or stand for specific purposes.

Red Porch Light: This one can have several meanings. In some places, it’s used to promote heart health and is often done in February which is the American Heart Month. It can also be a tribute to firefighters and their work. But, it is wise to be conscious of the culture as colors possess different connotations in various regions.

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Green Porch Light: This one I had a bit of an idea about. Green porch lights are commonly known to represent supporting veterans and current military men and women. On Veterans or Memorial Day, you will notice more green lights on to commemorate those who have served.

Purple Porch Light: This color is used to create awareness on domestic violence. October, which is the domestic violence awareness month, is a time when purple lights are put on porches to show support for the survivors.

Gold Porch Light: This color is not very frequently used but has a certain symbolism. A gold porch light is utilized to spread the word and support for childhood cancer. It is important to note that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and during this time, many people use gold lights to raise awareness for children with cancer and to remember those who have died from the disease.

What Does a Blue Porch Light Mean?

Moving on to the blue porch light that piqued my interest. The most common reason for using a blue porch light is to support autism awareness. ASD is a developmental disorder that impacts many people and families, and blue has been chosen as the color for autism awareness. The organization Autism Speaks employs the blue light for its “Light It Up Blue” campaign, mainly on the 2nd of April which is the World Autism Awareness Day and for the whole month of April, which is the Autism Awareness Month.

However, that is not the only meaning of a blue porch light. It can also be used to support the police force. The blue light symbolizes support and unity with the police force, the individuals who work to safeguard society. It is a means of appreciating them more so during events such as National Police Week.

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Why Is It Important to Participate in This?

Being part of these light color campaigns is not only as simple as changing a bulb. It is a very effective and yet a very basic way of expressing support, creating awareness, and building unity. Seeing a blue porch light is a constant reminder of the work being done to raise awareness and help those with autism. It can create discussions and can help raise awareness and understanding for those on the autism spectrum.

Likewise, using blue light to support law enforcement can help foster unity and appreciation for the sacrifices officers make on a daily basis. It can also act as a symbol of hope and togetherness in a society during difficult times.

Awareness and Community

Another great thing about these porch light colors is that they help unify the community. When you take a stroll in a certain community and notice that the porch lights are of different colors, you get an idea of the kind of people living in that community. It is a powerful and wordless way of showing support and raising awareness for many different issues.

In our new neighborhood, the blue porch lights gave me a sense of belonging to something bigger. It made me realize that even something as simple as replacing a light bulb can be a part of the discussion and help to raise awareness of the issue. From autism awareness to law enforcement, these lights use light in the best way possible to raise awareness on specific issues.

Therefore, the next time you come across a colored porch light, do not forget the meaning behind it. And if you feel inspired, consider joining in. It is a easy method to help and to indicate that one is concerned with the issues that affect the society. Also, it can give your new home a special touch knowing that you are contributing to a good cause.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to run to the store. I’ve got a blue light bulb to buy!