Why You Should Wrap Aluminum Foil Around the Bathroom Drain Pipes

source: Recipes of Drika/Facebook

One day I was browsing one of those DIY pages that are active at night, and I stumbled upon this great hack. You know the kind of blog that you end up spending an hour on and you find yourself with so many home improvement tips that you didn’t know you required but can’t seem to do without. This tip needed aluminum foil to cover the bathroom drain pipes. At first, I was skeptical – using foil to wrap pipes seemed more like a terrible art project than an effective home remedy. However, knowing that I am a big fan of life hacks to make life a little bit more convenient (and fun), I had to know more.

But why should you place aluminum foil around your bathroom drain pipes? Well, hear me out…

Heat Insulation

First of all, let’s discuss heat insulation. As you may have observed, the pipes in the bathroom are often cold, especially during the cold season. This is not only annoying but can lead to your pipes freezing if the temperature drops significantly. You can use aluminum foil to wrap them and keep the heat in. Aluminum foil has a reflective surface that helps to keep the temperature inside the pipes by reflecting the heat back. I recall one winter when I woke up and discovered that the water in the bathroom sink had frozen. It was like brushing my teeth in a glacier. If I had only known about this foil trick before, I would have spared myself a lot of trouble (and money on a plumber).

source: Recipes of Drika/Facebook

Pest Control

Moving on to the next topic, which is pest control. Yes, you got it right. It turns out that rodents and insects are not particularly fond of aluminum foil. It affects their senses, especially the sense of touch and smell. Just picture your pipes as a place where these little creatures have no chance of entering. I’m not saying you’ll suddenly have an infestation-free home, but it’s an added layer of protection. I once had a bad experience with a mouse in my bathroom last summer. Believe me, it is not something that I would wish to do again. When I came across the foil hack, I decided to try it out. I did cover those pipes well and have not noticed any uninvited guests since then.

Prevent Corrosion

One more advantage of this hack is to prevent corrosion. Tubing in the bathroom is in constant contact with water which causes them to rust and corrode with time. Aluminum foil serves as a shield to ensure that water does not come into direct contact with the metal pipes. This can help you avoid frequent replacements of your plumbing system, which can be quite expensive. I once had a pipe that rusted through and created a trickle of water behind the wall. By the time I realized what happened, it had become a small catastrophe. If I’d known that a piece of aluminum foil could have saved all that, I would have done it in a heartbeat.

source: Clever Hacks

Noise Reduction

Let’s not forget about noise reduction. Do you have any experience of being awakened by the water flow in the pipes at night? Surprisingly, it can be quite noisy and irritating at times. You can also cover your pipes with aluminum foil to reduce the noise levels. It won’t completely soundproof your bathroom but it does help a lot.

In addition to these practical advantages, there is also an aspect of creativity and individuality. I like to do small things to make the house more cozy and comfortable, and that is why I like to do small home projects. This aluminum foil wrapping trick can be adjusted to your liking. Use colorful duct tape to attach the foil under the sink, turning it into a piece of art. It may seem strange, but these little details can give individuality and some playfulness to your home. I went further and used patterned tape from the craft store. Now, each time I pull open the door under the sink, I can’t help but smile. It is a small thing but significant.

source: Flickr

This aluminum foil trick is a real lifesaver. It is cheap, simple to perform, and has many advantages such as thermal isolation, protection against insects, corrosion, and noise. Also, it is a way to come up with some unique ideas for home improvements and renovations. After using it myself, I have become somewhat of a proponent. Sometimes when friends talk about plumbing problems or cold bathrooms, I cannot help but share my knowledge.

The next time you are in the kitchen using aluminum foil, consider the following other uses. It might be time to show some more attention to your bathroom pipes. You might be surprised at how well it works; give it a go and see for yourself. And who knows? You might find yourself becoming the go-to person in the neighborhood for the most unusual yet useful home tips, just like me.