9 Items You Shouldn’t Buy at Aldi

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We all know that I am a big fan of Aldi and shopping there. There is no weekend that will go by without me visiting the place. I like the discounts and the shopping experience they provide. I always leave the store with something to be grateful for because everything is always satisfying. I also overshop sometimes and purchase things that I do not require. Sometimes, things that I don’t really need appear in my shopping cart. If you are just like me – an Aldi fan who sometimes goes there and returns home with lots of products you don’t really need, this list will be handy for you. Here are 9 things that you should not purchase from Aldi, even if they are on sale.

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1. Pre-Packaged Produce

I really like the fresh produce available at Aldi, which is why I often shop from the produce section. Now, let me share this with you: those fruits and vegetables that are already cleaned and packaged are not always the cheapest. It is true that the packages are quite convenient, but sometimes the produce inside these packages is overripe or substandard. Also, you often end up paying more per pound compared to the loose fruits and vegetables. Therefore, if you are like me and enjoy consuming fruits and vegetables, it is wiser to select and pick them yourself instead of going for the ready-to-eat ones.

2. Brand-Name Cereal

I recall when I spotted brand-name cereal in the Aldi store for the first time. I thought, “Wow, what a deal!” But after several shopping trips, I noticed that the prices are not always as cheap as I expected. At times, you can get the same cereal at a lower price in other supermarkets, especially if the supermarket is having a sale. Usually, the cereals at Aldi are of similar quality to the branded cereals and are much cheaper, so I have stopped buying Kellogg’s cereals.

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3. Paper Products

Okay, confession time: I am somewhat of a paper towel and toilet paper freak, or at least that’s what I like to think. It is always good to have some extra at home for emergencies, which is why I like to have a good stockpile. However, what I have come to realize is that when it comes to paper products, Aldi is not very generous. The one drawback is that they are usually thinner and not as durable as other brands. I still prefer Aldi, but for paper products, I prefer to buy more of it and of better quality at another store.

4. Organic Snacks

I am a big fan of having a healthy diet and occasionally treating myself to organic snacks. Nevertheless, some snacks at Aldi can be more expensive than in other shops when looking at organic products. A problem I have noticed is that the selection is rather poor, and the prices are not always reasonable for what you get. At times, I feel the urge to have an organic granola bar, which is why I have had to understand that it is better to buy in bulk when I come across some on sale.

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5. Canned Goods

Canned products are a basic staple in my kitchen. From soups to beans, tomatoes – you name it. Although Aldi offers some good bargains, canned food items at Aldi are usually not the best. I noticed that other supermarkets are cheaper more often than not, especially when products are on sale. Also, the quality of canned products at Aldi is quite unpredictable; I often encounter duds. For that reason, I tend to restock on canned essentials from other stores when they are on promotion.

6. Soda and Soft Drinks

To be honest with you, I do not drink a lot of soda, but my family surely does. I always ensure to have some in the refrigerator, which is why I always buy some. However, when it comes to soda and soft drinks, the prices are often higher compared to other grocery stores, even with the sales. Additionally, Aldi store-brand sodas are not always as good in taste as the name-brand sodas, which is rather disappointing.

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7. Pre-Made Meals

It doesn’t get any better for me than this, especially on a busy weeknight. However, Aldi’s meals that are sold as takeaways can be really a gamble. They look very appetizing, but the taste and quality are not always up to the mark. Also, they are normally more costly than preparing a similar meal on your own from the various ingredients available. I have experienced many times when the food was not worth the price I paid for it; therefore, these days, I prefer preparing my quick snacks at home.

8. Specialty Cheeses

Cheese is something dear to my heart; I have grown up with it in my house. It is a great snack, and we enjoy having different types, always ensuring there is a supply in the fridge. Aldi does carry some good cheeses; however, sometimes specialty cheeses at Aldi can be expensive. I have noted that you can get better prices at other shops, especially if you are in search of specific products or those that are somewhat pricey. Nevertheless, I will still get my cheddar cheese or mozzarella cheese from Aldi, but for the other types of cheese, I will purchase from other supermarkets.

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9. Frozen Pizza

Pizza in the freezer? Yes, please! It is a rather simple dish that can be prepared in no time, perfect for those lazy nights. Aldi has a decent variety, but sometimes the quality and taste of the products are not that great, and sometimes the prices are not the lowest compared to other stores’ sales. I’ve bought a few frozen pizzas from Aldi that did not live up to my expectations, so I have since started seeking promotions for my favorite brands from other stores.

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Okay, that is it for now. Although I enjoy shopping at Aldi and usually get some good bargains, there are some products which I have come to realize are better not to buy there. This is all about understanding where you are likely to get the most for your money. But you know what, even if you are forced to purchase a few of these items at the end of the day, it is fine. It has happened to all of us.