10 Incredible Shipping Container Homes

source: Modern Haven

Today, it became possible to live in a house made of shipping containers, which indicates the further development of the world. I find this rather amusing, don’t you?

Container homes are houses made out of the used shipping containers. Yes, the large containers used on cargo ships are now being converted into some of the nicest and most innovative houses. Think about transforming an ordinary and functional structure such as a shipping container into a functional and comfortable dwelling place – this is what container homes are all about. I have observed that there are more of these homes being constructed currently and I am fond of gazing at photos of such homes. All of them are good but out of all of them some are excellent. What a charming, comfortable, and quite smart solution to a living space!

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So, container homes are exactly what the name implies: houses constructed from the scrap shipping containers. A large number of people are converting these strong metallic structures into beautiful, sustainable and incredibly comfortable living spaces. It’s fascinating how a person can turn a simple structure into a beautiful home. It’s like watching an artist painting on a blank canvas; the only difference is that the canvas is a piece of steel that once bore the treasury of merchandise across the seas.

It is not only the recycling and reusing the containers for the protection of the environment but it is about using mind and coming up with new ideas. Just picture yourself stepping into a container home and seeing how efficient use of the space has been done, how the light is incorporated and how industrial design can coexist with the contemporary design. Such homes depict that a home does not have to look like a conventional house and provides a lot of options for those who wish to construct a different house.

source: Nordic Mountain Container

Pros and Cons of Container Homes


Sustainability: Re-using containers helps in decreasing the amount of waste that is generated.

Cost-Effective: They are also less costly than the conventional traditional houses.

Durability: Usually able to endure some form of tough conditions.

Speed: Faster construction time.

Customization: It can be arranged according to the clients’ wish.


Space: A problem that can be encountered is the lack of space.

Insulation: Needs to be well insulated for one to be comfortable in it.

Regulations: Zoning and construction ordinances and regulations can be rather intricate.

Rust: Containers are prone to rust especially if not well taken care of.

source: Container with Private Pool

Are They Cheaper?

Yes, the construction of container homes is cheaper as compared to the conventional housing construction. Another benefit is that cost of a used shipping container home is relatively lower as compared to that of constructing a new home. However, the expenses regarding the insulation, plumbing, and electrical systems are also time-consuming and costly, still, it is a cheaper choice.

source: Container Cabin in the Catskills

How often: How Long Do They Last?

As a result, when well taken care of, container homes are strong structures that can stand for many years. However, steel is a very strong material that can still be damaged by rust and corrosion that is why to get the maximum service life it must be protected.

Container homes are an excellent example of how one can transform the concept of home designing and come up with a new idea. They offer an environmental friendly and long lasting form of shelter as compared to the conventional housing. Their design enables the architects to construct buildings that have both uses that are required and beautiful appearance.

Here Are 10 Amazing Examples of Container Home Designs:

Prince Road Container House

This beautiful house in particular is a treasure on Airbnb. Comes in a modern design and is constructed from a shipping container. Basic but attractive, excellent for an off-the-beaten-track vacation.

The Starburst House

This is another house in Joshua Tree, this house has several containers placed in a starburst pattern to provide a large and beautiful house.

Container Guest House

This particular tiny guest house stands out with its cheerful aesthetic, featuring a bright blue paint job and a wall of sliding windows. One end of the container is fully glazed, providing guests with a wraparound outdoor living experience.

The Box House

This Airbnb stay is very contemporary with a clean and tidy design. An excellent idea of how the container homes can be useful and comfortable at the same time.

A Shipping Container at Desert Rose Ranch.

This house is designed in the minimalist style and located on private acres on the Texas Wine Trail, so it provides a quiet retreat and a deep connection with nature.

The Hanging Villa

This house is hovering above the ground and has rather courageous concept as well as practical application with excellent view. This might be my personal favorite.

Container Cabin at OOST Kampville.

This cabin is a beautiful example of contemporary architecture with focus on the nature. Looks welcoming, perfect for when you want to get away from it all.

Carroll House

This house is a splendid example of the concept of the urban container living spaces where efficiency and access to light play a significant role in the design of the city homes. It is made from 21 shipping containers and that’s truly fascinating.


This container home situated in Phoenix, Arizona, is all about comfort and contemporary style. Comely and adequately sized with a focus on detail.


This house is a modern box/container home with a perfect design for modern living. An excellent marriage of structure and style for the modern home. It’s also quite big for two people. Comfortable and perfect for outdoor activities.

Container homes are one of the best examples of creativity and innovation of the human mind. They are not just a fashion statement but a useful, economical, and stylish option for today’s youth. All these examples just prove just how unique and creative we can be when coming up with a container homes design. Looking for a small house that is both practical and has a lot of personality, then a container house could be the answer.