12 Wood Pallet Projects For The Home And Yard

sources: Instructables / Lori Danielle

If you have a pile of wood pallets sitting around your yard, don’t toss them! Wood pallets can be used for so many great projects around the house and garden. If you don’t have any wood pallets on hand but want to try out some of these projects, they’re super inexpensive and can generally be found at most hardware stores, lumber yards, and even antique stores. So without further adieu, here are 12 wood pallet projects to do on a rainy day!

1. Coffee Table

source: Instructables

A few pallets stacked on top of one another makes for the perfect base for a coffee table! You’ll just have to get a piece of glass cut for the tabletop, and you’re all set.

2. Pet/Baby Gate

source: Spaceships and Laser Beams / Pallet Furniture Plans

A deconstructed wooden pallet can be transformed into a hinged pet or baby gate with a little bit of handiwork.

3. Shoe Rack/Bench

source: Pallet Pro

How cool is this shoe rack/bench made from old pallets? It would be great in an entryway or mud room.

4. Bed Frame

source: Country Club Apartments / Isabell Eberta

Wood pallets can be used as a rustic bed frame. Much cheaper than a store-bought version!

5. Outdoor Bench

source: The Iron Stone Nest

A deconstructed pallet (or two) also makes for a lovely-looking outdoor bench.

6. Christmas Tree

source: DIY Huntress

The weathered boards of a wooden pallet can easily be transformed into a modern, rustic-chic Christmas tree! I just love this idea.

7. Bike Rack

source: Instructables

If you have multiple bikes in your household, a couple of wooden pallets makes for the perfect bike rack.

8. Kids’ Bed

source: One Crazy House / Lori Danelle

How charming is this kids’ bed made from pallets? I love the wooden railing on the side.

9. Dog Bowl Stand

source: Decoratoo / DIY Craftsy

This is such a great idea! An old wooden pallet was disassembled and turned into this clever dog bowl stand with built-in storage for dog food.

10. Garden Wall

source: Rootwell / Dreamstime

Stand a wood pallet on its side, fasten some boards onto the bottom of the slats, and you’ll have multiple rows to plant flowers in.

11. Wine Rack

source: DIY Joy / Youtube

There’s no need to go out and buy an expensive wine rack. You can easily make your own using an old wood pallet!

12. Coat Rack

source: Best DIY

Take apart an old wood pallet, stain the boards, and use the pieces to make a rustic-inspired coat rack for your mudroom or entryway.

Now that you know the many uses for old wood pallets, hopefully you’ll have found a wood pallet DIY project that you’re excited to try out!