Woman Builds DIY Stairlift For Her Pack Of Senior Rescue Dogs

source: YouTube/Caters Clips

Our dog is as much a part of our family as any of us humans are. We always ensure that she has the best food, toys, and care possible – and she’s even allowed on all of our furniture, as stinky as she may be! If you think I’m crazy, it turns out I’m in good company. One Louisiana woman noticed her three senior rescue dogs were having a hard time getting up and down the stairs, and so she did what any loving dog mom would do – she designed a solution!

Sonya Karimi has three older pugs: George, Bodhi, and Sam. When she noticed their mobility starting to decline, she and her partner Zach came up with an ingenious solution – they would build a stairlift so the dogs could continue to go up and down the stairs. And with more time on their hands due to quarantine, the couple decided they would take on the project themselves.

The design is fairly simple. The dog gets into the little wooden box, either Sonya or Zach closes the door, then they press a button which slowly takes the dogs up and down the stairs as they please. From conception to completion, the project took Sonya and Zach about three months. They also had some help from Zach’s parents who are retired engineers!

The dogs love their new lift. And not just the older ones – even the couple’s young dog, Emery, also likes to go for rides! The dogs are all totally in the groove with their new contraption. They wait their turn at the top and bottom of the stairs to ride in the “doggie-vator!” Check out the video below to see the doggie-vator in action:

Well done, Sonya and Zach – you are definitely the dog owners of the year!

H/t TheAnimalRescueSite – thanks for sharing this great story!