Cooking Experts Recommend Not Boiling Your Pasta In A Large Pot

source: YouTube/Chowhound

You probably think that pasta is just about the easiest food to make in the world (next to toast, perhaps). And making pasta is easy, but making it properly is a whole different story. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us boil a large pot of water, then toss in the pasta. However, in order to make the best quality pasta, you should actually be ditching the pot altogether.

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According to Harold McGee of Chowhound, you can save a lot of time, energy, and water by cooking your pasta in a frying pan instead. Simply add some cold water to the pan, then add in your pasta. Toss in a little more water so that the pasta is completely covered. Then, heat up the pan and wait for it to gently boil.


Because the water starts out cold, the pasta won’t stick together. Not only does this method ensure that your pasta will be perfectly cooked, but you’ll also be left with the remaining liquid that’s perfect for making all kinds of sauces. The leftover water that the pasta has been cooked in contains a lot of starch, which is a great thickener, and will help the sauce stick to the pasta. Want to see this simple yet brilliant method in action? Just click on the video below!