11+ Creative Ways Of Upcycling Old Perfume Bottles

source: Leaf TV

Most of us own at least one bottle of perfume. Maybe you’re a perfume fanatic and have a different scent for each day of the week. Regardless of your perfume preferences, did you know that old perfume bottles can be repurposed in a number of beautiful, creative ways? Well, you will after reading this!

1. Decorative Display

source: Allwomenstalk

Filling some old perfume bottles with decorative pearls or beads gives you an ultra feminine home decor display.

2. Single-Bloom Vase

Use an old perfume bottle as a vase for a single bloom to spruce up your vanity or bedside table.

3. Oil Burner

source: AllWomensTalk

If you’re feeling crafty, why not turn an old perfume bottle into a festive oil burner like this one?

4. Ornament

source: Beureka / Anina Tardif-Douglin

Fill a pretty-shaped perfume bottle with glitter and hang it from your Christmas tree!

5. Candle Holders

source: Pinterest

A grouping of old perfume bottles makes for beautiful, antique-looking candle holders.

6. Necklace

source: Pinterest

A mini perfume bottle can be easily incorporated into an antique-inspired piece of jewellery like this necklace.

7. Oil Reed Diffuser

source: Creme de la Craft

Have your home smell like a million bucks by turning an old perfume bottle into an awesome-smelling oil reed diffuser.

8. Wedding Decor

Displaying old perfume bottles with flowers as table decorations would be perfect for a 1920s-themed wedding!

9. Pincushion

source: Pinterest

If you’re a sewing enthusiast, turn the cap of a perfume bottle into a decorative pincushion.

10. Chandelier

source: Blogesteix

This is a pretty grand, somewhat adventurous project, but can you believe this gorgeous chandelier was made from old perfume bottles?

11. Nightlight

source: Pinterest

Some battery-operated fairy lights and an old perfume bottle can make you a lovely, vintage-inspired nightlight.

12. Tray Display

source: Smith & Ratliff

Old perfume bottles are so pretty on their own, you can simply arrange them on a decorative tray and call it a day!