12 Ways To Upcycle Your Old, Tattered Towels

source: Organizing Happiness

Towels are one of those things that seem to get worn down pretty quickly. Unless you’re buying the most expensive ones on the market, you might find yourself replacing your towels multiple times a year. However, old and tattered towels aren’t necessarily destined for the trash. There are tons of different ways you can upcycle your old towels to give them new life.

1. Tea Towels

One thing you can never have enough of? Tea towels! You can always trim down your old towels and hem them into tea towels. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also add fun trim and handles to them.

2. DIY Bath Mat

source: BuzzFeed

A few old towels in different colors can make for the perfect bath mat. Click here to learn how to DIY your own!

3. Fun Beach Bag

source: Kidspot

Towels can make for a great beach bag because the fabric dries so quickly. If you have a towel in a fun pattern, even better! Click here for the step-by-step.

4. Outdoor Throw Pillows

source: HomeJelly

By sewing a few old towels together and filling them with stuffing, you can have yourself some great outdoor throw pillows for your patio furniture. Click here to learn how you can make your own.

5. Shower Caddy

Why go out and buy a shower caddy to store your bathroom necessities when you can make your own? It would make for a great DIY project on a rainy day. Click here for the tutorial.

6. Reusable Swiffer Pads

Save the environment and some money by making your own Swiffer pads. Just cut out some rectangles from your old towels and wash them once they get dirty. That way, you can use them time and time again.

7. Baby Bibs

Anything baby-related is expensive, so if you can save a buck or two, why wouldn’t you? Click here to learn how to make your own baby bibs out of old towels.

8. Spa Slippers

source: Crafty Nest

You don’t need to spend tons of money on new slippers when you can make your own. All you need is a pair of cheap flip-flops and an old towel. Click here to see the full list of steps.

9. Watch Band

You might think this sounds a little odd, but you can actually make an exercise-friendly watch band out of an old towel. Click here to learn how you can make your own.

10. Stuffed Animals

How cute are these stuffed animals made from old towels? The options to be creative are endless, and they would make for such a thoughtful gift. Click here for the full tutorial.

11. Pot Holders

You likely use oven mitts and pot holders most days of the week. And with relative ease, you can even make your own! Click here for the full list of instructions.

12. Bath Scrub

If you have an old towel and a sewing machine, you can make this adorable little bath scrub that’s in the shape of a rose. Click here to learn how you can make your own.