15+ Ways To Upcycle Old Curtains And Bed Sheets

source: The DIY Playbook

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have at least one set of sheets that are old and need to retire. You probably have at least one set of curtains that are in the same condition, too. But don’t toss your old bed sheets and curtains! Use these great ideas to upcycle them instead.

1. Table Runner

source: Ali Express

An old curtain panel in a nice fabric can easily be transformed into a table runner for your dining room table.

2. Apron

source: Flickr

An old bed sheet in a pretty pattern can find new life as an apron for cooking or baking.

3. Reusable Shopping Bag

source: dottie angel

Cut down your plastic bag usage by turning a few old bed sheets into a patchwork, reusable shopping bag.

4. Kids Teepee

source: A Pair & A Spare

A pair of old curtains make for the perfect material to create a kids teepee.

5. Bulletin Board

source: Making Lemonade Blog

An old curtain panel can be turned into a fabric bulletin board. Just wrap it over a piece of wood or similar material.

6. Pillow Cases

source: Flickr

If you have some basic sewing knowledge, you can easily turn an old bed sheet into throw pillow cases.

7. Protect Your Plants

To protect your plants from frost, cover your garden beds with old bed sheets before the temperature drop hits.

8. Pyjamas

source: Vicki Kate Makes

An old bed sheet is the perfect material for making soft, lightweight pyjama bottoms.

9. Beach Blanket

source: WNYC Radio

A fitted sheet makes for a perfect, sand-free beach blanket!

10. Dog Bed

source: One Good Thing by Jillee

You know who would love to cuddle up in an old bed sheet? Your dog! Use old sheets as extra padding for their beds.

11. Country Quilt

source: There’s No Place Like Homemade

Patches collected from a bunch of vintage bed sheets can be turned into a beautiful, country-inspired quilt.

12. Reusable Napkins

source: Gigi & Lala

An old bed sheet can make you an entire set of reusable cloth napkins.

13. Tablecloth

source: Pinterest

This old bed sheet was decorated with lace doilies and turned into a pretty tablecloth.

14. Closet Door

source: HGTV / ClosetMaid

If a closet door doesn’t work in the space you have, use curtains as a door substitute.

15. Furniture Cover

source: Overstock

Old curtain panels can be sewed together in order to make a protective cover for your furniture.

16. Rag Rug

source: HipVanToen

And last but not least, a pile of old bed sheets is all you need to make your own rag rug!