9 Ways To Repurpose An Old Baby Crib

source: YouTube/Troy Hall

When our children become toddlers, many of us don’t want to part with their baby cribs. We tend to feel a nostalgic attachment to them, but cribs take up a lot of space and it doesn’t always make sense to store them. However, you don’t need to toss your baby crib when you can repurpose it into one of the following awesome ideas!

1. Child’s Desk

Turn an old baby crib into a child’s work/play station! You can even paint the base with chalkboard paint like they did here.

2. Porch Bench

An old baby crib can easily be turned into a beautiful, classic outdoor bench.

3. Outdoor Cart

source: consignmentsalequeen.net

If you like outdoor entertaining, you can turn a crib into an outdoor cart. Stock it with linens, cutlery, and dishes for easy outdoor eating.

4. Indoor Bench

A baby crib can also be turned into a beautiful seating bench for your home. It would be the perfect addition to a front entryway.

5. Toddler Loft Bed

source: Adriel Booker

When your child no longer fits in their crib, turn it into a toddler’s loft bed with room for storage underneath.

6. Dog Crate

If you don’t like the appearance of traditional metal dog crates, you can turn an old crib into a much more aesthetically pleasing one.

7. Swinging Porch Bench

How gorgeous is this swinging porch bench made from an old crib? The color and style possibilities for this project are endless.

8. Storage Chair

How cute is this project?! Turning a crib into a tiny chair with built-in storage is a great idea. This is also an awesome piece of furniture to keep and pass down to future generations.

9. Memo Board

You can even use the metal base from a baby crib and repurpose it into a memo board! Now that you know about all of these great projects, you’re definitely going to want to hang onto that old baby crib.