8 Ways Your Dog Shows That They Love You

source: Report Globe

Don’t you wish you could know what your dog is thinking? I know I do. While we can’t know their explicit thoughts, dogs practice many common behaviors meant to show their owners that they love them. If your dog does the following eight things, know that it means they’re your number one fan!

1. They Follow You

source: My Human, My Pet (Zoro) / Gettyimages

Dogs are pack animals, so they don’t really like to be alone for too long. If your dog follows you around the house, they’re just trying to stay close to you – they want the pack to stay together!

2. They Share Toys

source: Holidog Times / imgur.com

If your dog brings you one of their toys, it could mean they want you to throw it for them. However, it can also mean that they’re sharing the toy with you because they know you are the pack “leader.” So cute!

3. They Sleep With You

source: BarkPost

Many people don’t allow their dog to sleep in their bed. But if your dog follows you to bed and wants to snuggle up beside you, they’re trying to protect their pack leader, and they also feel safe beside you.

4. They Lick Your Face

Dogs only lick other dogs that they feel closely bonded to. So in addition to grooming you, when your pup licks your face, it’s simply because they absolutely adore you.

5. They Cuddle You After Meals

Dogs are creatures of instinct, and their number one priority is food. So when they finish a meal and immediately come cuddle with you, it means that you’re pretty darn special!

6. They Yawn When You Do

source: American Kennel Club

You may be aware that yawning is a common sign of human empathy. This is why when someone around us yawns, we feel the need to yawn as well. The same goes for your dog. If you yawn and they mirror you, it’s because they feel a close bond with you.

7. They Know When You’re Sick

source: The Dog Who Doesn’t Fetch

If you’re sick, injured, or sad, your dog’s instinct is to take care of their pack member. So if your dog doesn’t leave your side or repeatedly wants to lick you, it’s because they’re protecting you and trying to make you feel better.

8. They’re Excited When You Come Home

source: iStock

You can tell how much a dog loves their owner by watching how excited they get when their owner returns home! Even if you’ve only been away for a short time, your dog has missed you and they’re so happy you’re back.