Vintage-Inspired Ceramic Christmas Trees Are Making A Serious Comeback

source: The New York Times

Depending on your age, there’s a possibility your family had one of those small, ceramic Christmas trees that was always brought out around the holidays. My parents had two that I distinctly remember, and I actually have one of them, which tends to be the first decoration I put out around the Christmas season. Weirdly enough, 2020 seems to be the year that these ceramic Christmas trees are making a serious comeback.

source: Clark’s Christmas Tree Farm and Christmas Shop

So, where did these Christmas trees even come from in the first place? According to Country Living, these ceramic trees first started being made around the 1940s but didn’t actually gain notable popularity until the 1970s. The first known company to design and manufacture the trees was Atlantic Molds, but most of the ones being sold at flea markets and antique stores are made by Nowell’s.

source: Woman’s World

The ceramic tree I have just has painted lights, but many of the vintage ones you’ll find have power cords to illuminate the little lights. If you buy a more modern one, there’s a high likelihood the lights will be battery powered. And yes, you can certainly buy a new one! I’ll list a few below:

This lit-up beauty retails on Wayfair.

source: Wayfair

You can find lots of reasonably priced ceramic trees on Amazon, including this one.

source: Amazon/ReLIVE

If you want a truly vintage ceramic Christmas tree, Etsy is probably your best bet. This one fills me with such nostalgia!

source: Etsy/Fiddler Finds

Are you lucky enough to already own a vintage ceramic Christmas tree? Or will you be purchasing a vintage-inspired tree this holiday season? I think these trees are such a classic holiday decoration, and something that can be passed down to family members for generations. Happy holidays!