How To Use Cinnamon To Keep Ants Out Of The Garden

sources: flickr| Bob Vila via fotosearch / CanStockPhoto

After a long, cold winter (at least where I live), spring is finally here. The grass is growing, the birds are chirping, and I’ve started to clean up our vast gardens. I have big gardening plans this year, including planting vegetables and herbs in four raised planters. And although I’m so excited about gardening this spring and summer, what I’m not excited about is the ants.

source: Rentokil

Maybe you don’t have an ant problem where you live. And if that’s the case, consider yourself lucky! Ants always emerge every spring around here, making their mighty way around our pool, in our gardens, and sometimes even into our house. Fortunately, there is one simple pantry staple that can help ward off ants.

source: Kellogg Garden Products | istock

Although I love cinnamon and use it to cook and bake almost daily, ants actually hate cinnamon. So, if you’re experiencing an ant problem in your garden, all you have to do is sprinkle some cinnamon directly onto the soil. If you see ants climbing your plants, sprinkle cinnamon at the base of your plants and they’ll stay away.

source: YouTube/Gardening at Douentza

Who would’ve thought?! I guess my one tiny container of cinnamon isn’t going to cut it this year – off to the grocery store I go to pick up more, and hopefully deter ants from making my gardens their home this spring and summer!