Make Your Entire Home Smell Like A Dream With This Great Hack

When it comes to having a nice-smelling home, people try all sorts of different things. I love candles, but they’re more of a temporary solution. Many of my friends have plug-in air fresheners, but I tend to find their scents quite overwhelming. If you want your home to have a subtle, fresh smell that lasts, this hack is all you need to know about.

In a Facebook post, Ashton Emmett shared something she had seen about how to make your home smell awesome. All you need to do is put a cap full of Unstoppables in a spray bottle, then add in some hot water. Give the bottle a shake, and use the solution to spray your curtains, bedding, carpets, and other fabrics in order to make them smell fresh for longer.

Pretty genius, right? With just two ingredients, you can make a DIY air/fabric freshener that will keep your home smelling lovely. Thanks for sharing this tip, Ashton!