How To Unlock A Car In 30 Seconds Using A Shoelace

source: YouTube/Crazy Experimenter

Although the majority of new vehicles don’t allow you to lock your keys in your car, those of us with older models know what this frustrating situation is like. You generally have to call for roadside assistance, pay a hefty fee for having them do the work, and by that point, you’ve also wasted half of your day.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation before and aren’t keen on experiencing it again, the hack we’re about to show you may come in handy. Crazy Experimenter posted a YouTube video demonstrating how to unlock your car in just 30 seconds using only a shoelace and your own hands.

He explains that all you have to do is remove the shoelace from your shoe (or cut a piece of thin rope) and make a small noose knot in the middle of the lace. Hold the shoelace gently from both ends, then fit it over the closed door in the crack between the door and the car’s frame. Pull the shoelace down and try to get the loop around the car’s lock. Once the loop is around the lock, pull on both ends to tighten the noose. Once the loop is secure, pull the shoelace up from both ends. The lace will pull the lock up, allowing you to access your car.

Pretty wild, right? This hack would come in handy in the event that you’re ever away from home, and realize you’ve locked your keys in your car. To see this method in action, watch the video below.