15 Unique Decorating Ideas For Your Backyard And Garden

source: Pretty Handy Girl

I’ve decided that sprucing up my backyard and gardens is going to be my project for this spring and summer. Our outdoor spaces have so much potential, but they’re looking a little bland. If you, too, are looking for some outdoor decorating inspiration, look no further! Here are 15 easy and unique decorating ideas that can be applied to your backyard and garden.

1. Painted Picnic Table

source: My Coffee Pot / Forever Redwood

Don’t feel like spending a bunch of money on pricey patio furniture? A painted picnic table is an inexpensive and beautiful alternative.

2. DIY Canopy

source: HGTV/Sam Henderson

If you’re looking for a bit of shade on a hot summer day, a DIY canopy would be a great addition to your back deck. Click here for the tutorial.

3. Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug is a quick and simple way to add a cozy, unique feel to any outdoor space.

4. Window Shutter Decor

source: Empress of Dirt

Keep your eye out for some old window shutters the next time you’re at a flea market or antique store. They make for great country-chic fence decor!

5. Marble Fence Accents

source: The Wool Acorn / Garden Drama

And on the topic of fences, how pretty is this one? They’ve drilled out holes and placed marbles inside, which give off a beautiful stained glass effect.

6. Wheelbarrow Planter

source: The Honeycomb Home

What a charming idea! Use an old wheelbarrow as a giant flower planter, either standing upright or tipped on its side (like this one).

7. Watering Can Planter

source: The Gardening Cook / Pixabay

Antique watering cans (either painted or left distressed) also make for lovely flower planters.

8. DIY Stepping Stones

source: Lovely Greens

You can use shells, sea glass, or store-bought gems to create personalized and whimsical stepping stones.

9. String Lights

source: Brooklyn Limestone

Never underestimate the power of hanging some string lights! They instantly make an outdoor space more inviting.

10. Grownup Swing Set

source: Pretty Handy Girl

Have an old swing set that your kids don’t use anymore? Don’t get rid of it – turn it into a grownup swing set, complete with awesome hammocks!

11. DIY Water Feature

source: Interior Frugalista

How gorgeous (and peaceful) is this DIY water wall? This would be such a beautiful addition to a back deck.

12. DIY Gardening Station

source: Centsational Style

Every avid gardener should have their own potting bench! Click here for the simple tutorial.

13. DIY Bird Bath

source: Robin’s Nesting Place

With a few random objects and some creativity, you can easily create a DIY bird bath and welcome feathered friends to your yard.

14. Wood Pallet Garden

source: One Kindesign / Buff Strickland

Wood pallets can be used for so many different things – including to hang potted flowers and herbs!

15. DIY Planter Posts

source: At Charlotte’s House

Use planters as the base for posts that hold up string lights. What a clever DIY project!

Hopefully, these projects have given you some inspiration for adding a bit of flair to your own outdoor spaces. Enjoy!