10+ Unexpected Uses For Lip Balm

sources: Senseful Style / Cleverly

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m fairly obsessed with lip balm. I have designated lip balms for my car, my purse, and my bedside table. Because what’s worse than dry, chapped lips? Anyways, aside from moisturizing your lips, lip balm can also be used for a ton of unexpected things, too!

1. Eyeshadow Primer

source: Bustle

If you’re going to an event and want to give your eyeshadow some staying power, just apply some neutral (not menthol!) lip balm to your eyelids after foundation and before eyeshadow.

2. Target Chapped Nostrils

source: Cleverly

If you have a cold and are constantly blowing your nose, chances are that the skin around your nostrils will become dry and irritated. Soothe chapped nostrils with a bit of lip balm.

3. Cuticle Cream

source: Beauty Heaven / Into The Gloss

When your cuticles become dry and brittle, just apply some lip balm to them! This is great for those times when you don’t have cuticle oil on hand.

4. Prevent Hair Dye Disasters

source: Inat Beauty Blog / iStock

If you’re getting your hair dyed (or doing it yourself), apply some lip balm along your hairline to prevent the dye from staining your skin.

5. Prevent Blisters

source: YouTube

Before slipping on a pair of shoes that generally give you blisters, apply some lip balm to the back of your heels and sides of your toes.

6. Perfume Primer

source: Mother Nature Network / Shutterstock

If you really want your perfume to stay put throughout the day, apply a little bit of lip balm to your skin before spritzing that area.

7. Unstick A Zipper

source: Senseful Style

If you’re struggling with a stuck zipper, simply apply some lip balm to the teeth on either side of the zipper.

8. Get A Ring Unstuck

source: Cleverly

If you’ve put on a ring and it won’t come off your finger, apply some lip balm to your skin to help the ring slide off more easily.

9. Shoe Shine

source: K4 Fashion / TIES

Have some leather shoes that are looking a bit dull? Apply some lip balm to the shoes before buffing it out.

10. Tame Fly-Aways

source: YouTube/Tati

If you have a lot of baby hairs or hair with a tendency to stick up, smooth them down with a small amount of lip balm.

11. Squeaky Hinges

source: Reader’s Digest / HomeQuicks

If a squeaky hinge is driving you nuts, simply apply some lip balm to the area! This will lubricate the hinge and get rid of the squeak.